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HeatherLeigh, September 15,  2020  8:33pm EST

Coronary Artery Spasm resulting in NSTEMI at 33

Hi! I am 33 years old living in Lancaster, PA! I recently suffered an NSTEMI. I was diagnosed with a Coronary Artery Spasm that lasted an hour and a half and resulted in a Heart Attack. When I had my cardiac catheterization my LAD was 70% spasmed.  My blog will be posted for all to read on 9/25/20, if you wish to read more about my experience, check it out! I agree with so many, the emotional effects that are left behind can be consuming. Although, we know what the mechanism was that caused my NSTEMI, why did the spasm happen? This occurs in 2% of people, although medicated to help prevent this from reoccurring, my brain never stops wondering about it......

4 Replies
  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, September 16,  2020  9:21am EST

    Thank you so much for sharing this! The anxiety that another event is very common and I am so glad you are willing to share your thoughts with us! Looking forward to reading the blog later this week. Best Katie

  • Cath4
    Cath4, September 16,  2020  5:43pm EST

    Hi Heather, you are so young😞. I agree, the emotional effects can be consuming even though we are strong people. I had a HA on 6/30/19 at the age of 49 & was diagnosed with PTSD 3 months later saying "from the HA". I am looking forward to reading your blog. Keep your head up! Of course, our mind wonders & wonders, why & so on, in my opinion it's normal after suffering a traumatic event. Hope to speak to you again. Thanks, Cathy 

  • VolModMike
    VolModMike, September 17,  2020  8:16pm EST

    hi Heather, and welcome. I've had CAS' for a number of years and have learned how to live with them. I take isosorbide for it and also carry nitro tabs. as time has gone by the number and severity have lessened but not disappeared. it probably never will. in my reading on the CAS', and i've found it to be true, the spasms happen more during periods of inactivity or rest. when i'm busy they don't occur. have you been prescribed any meds for it? as time goes on the anxiety and fear about it should lessen for you. of course you won't forget about it but speaking from my own experience it gets better.

    Good luck in your journey i'm sure you'll do just fine,


  • HeatherLeigh
    HeatherLeigh, September 18,  2020  4:09pm EST

    Thanks Mike! I have been put on Imdur, Plavix, Baby ASA and Lipitor. Yes, mine occured in the early hours of the morning while I was preparring for my day of work. I was doing my make up and it hit me! It is rather the experience and no I doubt one I will forget. Did you have more than one that caused an event? Were they similiar in each case? Thanks for you comment! I haven't met anyone yet who experienced this, or know about it!


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