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dphilli42, November 17,  2020  5:25pm EST

Checking in..


Been quite a while since I've posted. I'm a little over 4 years removed from my nstemi "mild" heart attack and my stent in my LAD. I was 34 at the time. Haven't had any major issues since. This board gave me a lot of hope and a lot of information early in my process. I think as time goes on, at least in my situation, I find myself not visiting the heart related message boards and support groups as much. Even though I think about my heart health almost daily, the fear has pretty much subsided.

I eat a really healthy diet (although I'm only human) I try to stay mostly plant based with some meat here and there. Come Jan 1 I'm going strict pescetarian and I'm going to even limit fish/seafood to only 1-2 per week. I also work out on an (almost) daily basis. I usually run between 50-80 miles per month.

My problem is alcohol. I'm an alcoholic and I'm not ashamed to admit it... although I'm far from proud of it. It doesn't hamper my professional career or my workout regimine, but I drink on a nightly basis... and by definition, too much. It's something I need to address and I'm putting steps in place to slay that dragon in 2021.

As far as medication and supplements, here is what I take.

Perscription- Atorvastatin 40mg, low dose beta blocker, ACE inhibitor (blood pressure), and low dose aspirin

Supplements- Magnesium, Resveratrol, Tumeric, Pro biotic, multi vitamin, COQ10, Vitamin D, Vitamin C

I hope this finds everyone in good health!



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  • vancet
    vancet, November 17,  2020  7:27pm EST

    Thanks for posting, Dane.  Glad to always read from folks who have lived post-HA for much longer than me.  I'm about 18 months post-STEMI and it still in my mind as I get weaned off the meds.  My BP was great when I had beta blockers but have now shot up to pre-hypertension levels.  I guess work has been pretty stressful thanks to covid so that plus lack of sleep is not helping.  That's a lot of supplements.  Do you take it some/all as a multivitamin?

  • Djwel
    Djwel, November 17,  2020  7:53pm EST


    wow - 4 years >> and doing well.  That's encouraging to those of us that have less time out.  I just passd my 1 year mark; I'm taking about the same as you - but still on plavix.  Covid doesn't help with the anxiety > but, I'm working on it.  My son is a recovering addict; I know how hard it can be to take the first steps; I pray for 2021 to be your year, along with my son's recovery.  hearing your story on this support board is good for all of us, we need to hear the good stories > and it gives us an opportunity to pray/encourage one another.  thanks for sharing




  • dphilli42
    dphilli42, November 17,  2020  7:55pm EST



    It is a lot of supplements. The multi vitamin is in addition to the other stuff. I take a lot of magnesium because I have PVC heartbeats and the extra magnesium helps with those... actually, I rarely get them anymore. I've upped the vitamin D (5000 IU's a day) when the rona got here and I read about 90% of people dying with or from covid have been low on vitamin D. The tumeric is a potent anti oxident for reducing inflammation and the resveratrol is as well. Read up on resveratrol. I believe in it. Thanks for the reply!

  • dphilli42
    dphilli42, November 17,  2020  7:57pm EST



    The anxiety post HA is real, and you're right, the covid doesn't help things. I pray your son finds his way back on the right path, and I appreciate the thoughtful words for me as I work on slaying my own demons. Good luck!

  • KarlR
    KarlR, November 18,  2020  11:45pm EST


    Thanks for giving us a snapshot of how things look down the road.

  • JeffB
    JeffB, November 27,  2020  10:16am EST


    I remember when you first showed up here. It's good to hear you are doing so well. I also applaud your bravery and self-awareness. You are, in my book, doing great with the heart health protocols while also knowing where your work areas remain.


  • dphilli42
    dphilli42, November 28,  2020  9:25am EST

    Jeff! Good to hear from you man! You were one of the first, if not the first person I connected with on this site. Hope things are going well for you and you're still out kicking life's ***!

  • steveSD
    steveSD, November 30,  2020  7:06pm EST

    This year reminds me of all of the scenes from Airplane with Lloyd Bridges, "I picked the wrong week to quit smoking, sniffing glue, drinking, etc. I

    t's a tough one. Before my heart attack it wasn't uncommon to kill a 6 pack on occasion and 2-3 beers a night was pretty standard. That and being pretty sedentary with desk jobs probably led to hereditary diabtetes kicking in. After the HA in March 2017 I quit drinking for almost a year, gave up sugar and junk food for even longer and even after I started having an occasional **** I was mostly drinking tasters and sticking to about 2 a month. Until Covid closed the gyms this year. Being stuck at home and stressing about being "at-risk" didn't do me any favors. Comfort food and **** was just too hard of a crutch to resist. 

    I think I take a similar round of meds/supplements as Dane. Atorvastatin, Lisinopril, and baby asprin plus vitamin C, magnesium, CoQ10, multi-with probiotics, turmeric, and glucosamine/chondroitin. I'm sure D is in the multi as well as fish oil. I also add flax and chia to my oatmeal when I have that for breakfast. I'm working on cleaning up my diet again. I gained about 20 pounds at the peak of anxiety. Now that I'm walking my dog every day I've dropped 10 so I'm 15 from my goal but I wish it was still only 5. 

    One thing I've found over the years is if I do some exercise right when I get home like riding my bike or walking my dog before reaching for junk food or a drink it helps relieve some of my stress and the longer I put off indulging in whatever the more deliberate my decision to have something becomes vs. just the habit of eating junk or having a **** because I got home from a long day. I know it's a lot more of a struggle for a lot of people but we all do our best. I will hit 4 years in March. Hoping to get everything back in line by then and praying for a return to normalcy sometime next year. - Steve



  • JeffB
    JeffB, November 30,  2020  7:33pm EST

    Steve & Dane,

    I am doing Dry December if either of you wants to join me. I'd be happy to check in with you both if you want to try to do some habit shifting.

    Let me know and we can take this offline.

    Best regards,


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