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johngross, August 14,  2019  9:43am EST

Changing Medications


I had an NSTEMI 10 years ago. EKG was equivocal, slightly raised troponins, and the cath found "no significant CAD" so I was diagnosed with non-obstructive CAD. My meds include Crestor (20 mg), Aspirin (81 mg), and Toprol (25 mg). I have been on this regimen (minor tweaks here and there) for the past 10 years. I've had health anxiety ever since then and have been seen multiple times for EKGs, stress tests, etc. and am always told everything is fine and it's almost like I didn't have a HA.  EF 60%.  Eventually, my cardiologist told me I didn’t need to be seen by him regularly unless I had concerns and he'd be happy to see me.  This is a good cardiologist that I trust.

Last December I was diagnosed with erosive gastritis due to the daily aspirin. I took omeprazole (20 mg) for 2 months and all my GERD symptoms went away. I stopped the PPI and the symptoms came back. Ranitidine does not work as well as the PPI.  The GERD sucks and it exacerbates my anxiety.

I saw my cardiologist yesterday at the suggestion of my PCP because it had been 10 years since the event. We talked about the medications and he said that in someone in my situation, "minor event with no CAD" it was questionable if the aspirin and Toprol were necessary 10 years out. He said he was willing to do what Io wanted but if I was having GI issues, we should consider stopping aspirin.  He also said we could try going to every other day.

I did decide to reduce the Toprol to 12.5 mg per day as I believe it makes me tired and occasionally dizzy. My research indicates that the beta blocker isn’t necessary more than 3 years out from the event so I am comfortable reducing this med.

Here's my dilemma, I hesitant to stop aspirin. There's a strong family history of heart disease and obviously I had something going on which led to the event 10 years ago (although I was going through a divorce with intense stress and I was smoking heavily). Everything I've read indicates aspirin is absolutely indicted for secondary prevention. 

Anyone take Yosprala?  Not a fan of PPI risks either but I feel stuck.

Can anyone provide any insight in this aspirin/GI issue?  Surely, I'm not the only person that's had issues with aspirin.

Love the forum and have been a lurker for some time.  Thank you.

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  • Mb120918
    Mb120918, August 14,  2019  6:25pm EST

    Hi John,

    I'll share my experience with gerd.  My tonsils were burning from the acid reflux (not exaggerating) splashing on them.  I took 3 rounds of Nexium (14 days each).  There was a prevacid in there too but it doesn't work as well.  It finally stopped.  I take my aspirin in the morning only after I have oatmeal with almond milk.  This gives the stomach a good buffer.   Also, more of a alkaline diet helps.  Hope you have success and start to feel better soon.


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