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EMON1, December 24,  2020  7:11pm EST

Censoring Of Posts/Responses ?

I've been on this site quite a while. At one time it was full of useful, supportive, honest posts from good hearted people sharing experiences or relating information regarding personal revelations one can only understand after going through a heart attack. It WAS quite active and presented many interesting and shared 'lessons learned', things that often put one's mind to rest that they were 'not alone' in this new world' post heart attack.

For those who remember, at some point spammers entered the site pushing agendas and 'special for profit diets/programs'. Occasionally, posters were a little candid and feelings sometimes got hurt.

I don't believe spammers belong here and 'civil' discourse is common courtesy.

Lately, I've had a couple of responses just 'disappear' and I'm curious is it moderators or other posters  doing it? I'm wondering why and if others have experienced it? Admittedly, sometimes they're candid and not candy coated, but never disrespectful.

Is this site now reserved for 'handholders' and 'feel gooders' need only post? That would be a shame and explain why many have left. [Like many of the pills we MUST now take, sometimes discussing the TRUTH of our condition isn't always pleasant]

So, what outside of cheerleading, won't be censored?

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  • AHAKellie
    AHAKellie, December 25,  2020  5:00am EST

    Hi EMON1,

    Thanks so much for voicing your feedback and concern. We want the Support Network to be a place where people can talk about all their emotions, and I can promise you that the moderators only censor posts that are spam. We're glad you're a part of the community and hope that you continue to share your honest suggestions and experiences.


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