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Cath4, September 16,  2020  5:34pm EST

Autoimmune disease after HA

Hi everyone, it's so nice to still see familiar names on here! I have been gone awhile. I had a MI on 6/30/2019 at the age of 49. Now I have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Anyone else experience autoimmune disease after a heart attack? Hope everyone is well & staying safe. Love to hear from anyone. Thanks, Cathy 

  • Djwel
    Djwel, September 16,  2020  6:01pm EST

    I have not, but I'm only 10 months out from my HA & who knows what will happen - right?  

    I hope you have a good physician that can refer you to whoever can help you the most.  And I wish you well - as this is hard enough with one disease.

    Prayers for you, Cathy.



  • HeatherLeigh
    HeatherLeigh, September 16,  2020  6:29pm EST

    Hi Cathy! I have not, but I am almost 3 months out from my NSTEMI, I wanted to thank you for your comment on my post, I sometimes wonder if I have symptoms of PTSD from my event, rarely does a day go by where I don't have chest pain and I can't help but dwell on it, although the pain is nothing like my event, its just a constant nag. I am working on a promotion for a higher position at work, overseeing two primary care offices, from my current one, increase in staff, providers and with that comes an increase in issues....I'm not sure my heart can handle it's and it's causing more worry! But I've worked hard for this, went back to school for my bachelor's for this..... 

  • Cath4
    Cath4, September 16,  2020  7:49pm EST

    Hi Djwel, so sorry to hear about your heart attack. I was about 10 months out when I was diagnosed, started having problems around December 2019. But I started to have these weird symptoms in September 2019, severe nausea & dizziness & a fear of being away from my house, they diagnosed me with "PTSD from the heart attack" & now auto immune. I try to stay positive but it's not easy, my life just changed in an instant! & it's been one thing after another. Exactly, who knows what will happen but I hope not. Thank you so much for your reply & well wishes. & thank you most for the prayers, I need them! Thanks, Cathy 

  • Djwel
    Djwel, September 16,  2020  9:23pm EST

    Cathy, you are so right about our lives being changed in an instant.  I was driving to work (Oct 2019) when I started having my HA.  I was perfectly healthy just days before - then in 2 days I had a triple bypass.  I was a few days from my birthday - 66 years old.  In July I had to have a total hysterectomy.  After the triple bypass, I was extremely depressed & fearful. Just as I am feeling somewhat relieved, I had the hysterectomy.  Now I have those old feelings of depression & extreme sadness.  But I am not going to live in fear, I pray that God will get me through this set-back. And He will see you through as well.  Covid doesn't help either.  We must hold onto our Hope for a brighter future.  

    Thanks for posting today; I am sorry for what you are going through - but glad you reached out.

    :) Jan


  • Cath4
    Cath4, September 16,  2020  9:59pm EST

    Hi Heather, guess what? I always had that chest pain, constant nag, for many months. It has went away now that it's been 15 months, thank God. So hopefully it subsides for you. It amazes me that my doctor seemed shocked about that pain because I hear so many people say it. Wow you really have a lot on your plate. But you seem like you have worked hard for it, I know you can do it! But take care of you first! 

  • Cath4
    Cath4, September 16,  2020  10:44pm EST

    Djwel, wow, you have been through so much. I am so sorry for all you been through, it's so tough. My God, bypass than another surgery after that, you are so strong. I can completely relate to depression, fearful & sad. I feel the same😞. Yes he will get you thru as well. Thanks for your thoughts. Yes Covid has not helped. Such great advice, we must hold onto hope always! Thank you for reaching out, I appreciate it. If you need to talk, I am here! Thanks, Cathy 

  • Mb120918
    Mb120918, September 17,  2020  8:24am EST

    Hi Cath4,

    Nice to hear from you again.  Sorry that you aren't feeling well.  Yes, after the HA, I started getting psoriasis or something right out if the hospital.  Turns out that it may be arthritis triggered by the HA. Also, have the PTSD.  I started to talk to a social worker regarding the PTSD.  My cardiologist told me that a lot of people that have HA wind up with it.  For me it has been the hardest thing.  Anxiety attacks and fear.  It does help to talk about it. I think with time it gets better.  My HA was 12/09/18.  About a month ago things started happening like really bad headaches(had them before),  body pain, gynecological problems etc... My chiropractor thinks that your body is in shock after a HA and eventually goes back.  Mine took  a year and a half.  I hope things get better for you soon.  Remember deep breathing.


  • Djwel
    Djwel, September 17,  2020  8:40am EST

    Thanks for the reminder, Mary - deep breathing.  I know I need to do it, but sometimes in the middle of everything - I can't seem to remember! 


  • Cath4
    Cath4, September 17,  2020  10:44am EST

    Hi Mary, so nice to hear from you! So nice to be back. I was talking to someone, it helped alittle but I got sick & he was out sick so it stopped. I think the PTSD is improving but it's not completely gone. It so scary & now I have ulcerative colitis. Just so emotional. & I am losing my hair, which is the most emotional thing for me. Yes thanks for the reminder to keep breathing! & thanks for your input! So you have arthritis now? Thank you, hope you stay well too! Always nice to hear from you 

  • HeatherLeigh
    HeatherLeigh, September 17,  2020  12:54pm EST

    @cath4, My cariodlogist was pretty helpful with understanding the chest pain and concerns, he says he sees it with younger heart attack patients, that when in the hospital its like, no big deal to us and then when we are home and back to life we always think the heart attack is happening again, he said around one year post HA he's noticed something clicks in his younger patients and they are good to go!

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