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steveSD, August 14,  2019  2:51pm EST

Anxiety - Everyone has it. :-/

The further along I get on this journey the more I realize we all face anxiety in one way or another and sometimes many different ways. Early on it's fears about survival, then getting back to a more comfortable lifestyle, then we worry any time something doesn't feel quite right. For a while we might even worry when everything feels great, what if it doesn't last?

Through all of my lifestyle changes, diet, exercise, and a near-obsession with my test numbers, I've really gotten to the point where I'm healthier now than most of my pre-heart attack life. Even my angina is gone. No discomfort since last Christmas. I can even go into walk-in freezers again. 

What has me waking up in the night is something that's actually pretty common and probably shouldn't be freaking me out. I am having hip replacement surgery in 2 weeks. OA is hereditary and they actually both need to be done but the right one is worse. I'm 49 so I'm too young for this (just like I was too young for HA 2+ years ago) and I am scared to death. Scared of the procedure, the pain, the recovery, not working out for 2-6 months, and then knowing that I'll have to do it all again for the other one later. 

Everyone keeps telling me how happy I'll be after and how recovery "isn't that bad" and "you have nothing to worry about". Trying to figure out how to get out of my own head. I've made incredible strides toward heart health and beat most of that anxiety. Why is this hitting so hard?

4 Replies
  • Cath4
    Cath4, August 14,  2019  6:11pm EST

    Hi Steve, it’s a very difficult situation to be in esp awaiting surgery. Have confidence in yourself, sounds like you have done a great job since your HA 2 years ago. I wish you the best of luck & a speedy recovery. I think you will do great. Cathy 

  • chavezk
    chavezk, August 15,  2019  8:50am EST

    I've come to the conclusion that it hits hard because its one more thing on top of something else that happened and when are we going to get a break.  At least for me its that way.  Each time something new comes up it hits a little harder.  BUT, knowing that allowed me to regain some control.  I meditate, I go for relaxing walks in a peaceful place (that isn't part of my exercise routine- it's just a leisurely walk in a beautiful place that I give myself time to let my mind wander wherever it wants and take in the scenery).  I read a good novel.  I actively look for things that will engage my mind that aren't related to whatever is going on so that I get a break from worry.  I also play ocean sounds when I am laying down to go to sleep.  I let my mind go to a nice beach instead of the worry place and I set the timer for 30 minutes (app on my phone) and I usually fall asleep to it.  I'm sorry your going through this, I wish you a speedy recovery and I hope you can get some control in your own way over the stress.

  • vancet
    vancet, August 16,  2019  12:08am EST

    I'm sorry you have to go through this, Steve.  I've never had to go through your ordeal (and hopefully never) and I don't know how I'll handle it on top of the existing HA-related anxiety.  

    I, and many others in the forum, are praying/wishing you a quick surgery free of complications and hope your mind will become calmer as you approach (and beat) this new obstacle in your life.  

  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, August 16,  2019  9:36pm EST

    Actually, most people deal with worry, but not all.  Part of it is trained into us.  Family worry.  Shows and advertisements promote worry.  Let me share two short retells I'll always remember.  At the park, a girl about 6 ran past and fell.  She looked up at me, I saw she was okay, so I looked cally and in an upbeat manner, said "You okay?"  Smiling, she was about to get up and continue play.  However, a lady came in filled with worry, and when the girl looked at her, she started crying.  As a coach, I had this player take a hard fall.  I told him to get up and get the ball back.  I knew he was okay.  He got up and got the ball back, scoring soon after.  A couple friends always look forward.  I know people from other countries that look at problems as just part of life.  They talk about them like everything else, but just go on.  It''s something more of us could use.  After my ha, I was like, okay, fix it and tell me how to get healthy.  It wasn't until I allowed people to keep thinking about this that I started to worry, then overthink.  It was a mistake I allowed.  I should have reminded myself of what I encouraged in others before.  All the best. 😎

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