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steveSD, September 7,  2019  1:52pm EST

2 1/2 Years!

Today marks 2 1/2 years for me post HA. It has been a crazy time. I've shared my story before but for anyone that hasn't seen it I thought I was having panic attacks for over a week and my fiancee convinced me to go to urgent care. They sent me to the ER where I found out it was a heart attack with 3 blocked arteries. I got one stent and a month later I went back for another. Happy to report that since then I've beaten diabetes (from 11.4 A1C to 5.3 off meds) and angina (no symptoms since Dec.) and all of my tests come up healthy. Of course there's always going to be some heart irregularities but that's just what we live with. 

I totally changed my diet and got back to exercising regularly, lifting weights twice a week, walking my dog two or three times a week, and intervals on my bike in the garage. Everyone comments on how much better, and younger, I look. Now I'm working on the latest challenge, recovering from total hip replacement thanks to a family history of osteoarthritis. The first week was brutal but it's getting better every day. The hardest part for me is taking it easy and missing workouts. Once I get past this I'll be a lot stronger though and the doctor is very pleased with the results.

At any rate, I just like to acknowledge the milestones and wish everyone the best. Especially for those just entering this unwanted journey, it gets better. Have a great weekend! - Steve

5 Replies
  • JeffB
    JeffB, September 7,  2019  6:44pm EST

    Hot damn that's awesome Steve! I remember you posting before the procedure and being nervous but it looks like you came through with flying colors. Admirably.

    Glad to see the update dude.


  • vancet
    vancet, September 8,  2019  2:05am EST

    Congratulations Steve. I am hoping to be as successful as you when I hit my 2.5 years (~3 months for me).  Happy to hear your hip replacement went well. 

  • RaizAli
    RaizAli, September 8,  2019  2:16pm EST

    Hi Steve,

    What a wonderful post to go through dear. I’m so happy, especially that off meds diabetes figures you posted. Incredible, you have worked wonders dear, my congratulations. Your positive approach after your cardiac event has made it possible and is the thing most impressive. 

    I’m interested to know more about your lifting weights twice a week. 

    I guess loooking younger is the tribute that helps me myself as well,D:)) it’s like a music to my ears and I’m on diet since last four months reducing 8.5 Kgs.

    Best of luck with your hip challenge.

    I guess accepting new challenges is better than any psychological sessions with a therapist. You become your own therapist and healer. Try it, makes you not only tougher but also keep your mind off negative thoughts.



  • Johnlynk
    Johnlynk, September 10,  2019  3:35pm EST

    Very awesome!  Keep up the great work.  Always makes me feel  good hearing people's stories of success however long after their illness.  Living 21 months and 10 days strong.  

    All the continued best.


  • Fairfax
    Fairfax, September 11,  2019  8:21am EST

    John - did your meds ever get reduced in past 21 mo?   I ask because I’d like to see my Plavix reduced or removed due to bruising.   Go to doc tomorrow and I’m pretty certain his answer will be no.  Just curious.  

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