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Sharon3423, February 9,  2020  1:28am EST
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Stroke cure and prevention

5 years ago I suffered an AVM (Arteriovenous malformation) which is a tangled mass of blood vessels in the brain, unfortunately for me those blood vessels burst causing a haemorrhagic stroke. I was hospitalised for 3 months and lost the ability to speak, walk or write. I was paralysed down the left side of my body which meant I needed copious amounts of therapy to be able to achieve the basic tasks of living. 
It took a lot of determination, stubbornness and perseverance to get to where I am today, without the support of everybody who I have meet until this day I really don't think I could've recovered as much as I have. Still to this day I have to deal with the repercussions of having a stroke such as acquiring scoliosis (which has recently had surgery done to it).
 I also owe my recovery to Dr Williams,which helped me with his natural meds,many may not believe this,surely his herbal meds works,over six weeks using his medications I have recovered a lot,only the right medication can cure you, my dead cells are coming back to life and I believe in no time I will be back on my feet,sorry I dropped this email which i was not supposed to but for those who need help should to recovery quickly should contact,  (
I would really like to emphasise to all the stroke survivors out there that there is hope and with a little determination and right medications anything is possible. Always remember that there is support out there and together we can join to fight stroke. 

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