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sheim, August 14,  2019  10:53am EST

Septal Myectomy

I just joined the group and am looking forward to connecting with everyone.  I had (have) HOCM and had a Septal Myectomy 6 weeks ago.  For those looking at a Myectomy, may I suggest you do your homework and if at all possible have it done at the Mn Mayo Clinic. Had I not gone for a second opionion I would have thought any hosptial can do it.  WRONG.  Your local hospital may be the one where 1 in 5 die within 30 days.  There are low medium high and expert hospitals when it comes to this Mayo does over 250 a year and is called expert.  As is Cleveland and one or two others.   MY ISSUE tho is something different.    It seems Cardio Rehab is very important YET  it is not covered by Medicare and most other insurance companies.  Why chest pain, stints and bypass are covered for Rehab and not a Myectomy is beyond me.  Doing it without insurance is just way too expensive so as I can, I am just increasing my exercise.  I am already walking a lot.  THE more medicine, no more out of breath making the bed and I now have LOW blood least on the low SIDE.  I take it twice a day and it's seldom out of the teens...usually around 110/74

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  • afibabit
    afibabit, August 15,  2019  10:33am EST

    So where did you find these ratings?

  • NewPacer73
    NewPacer73, October 10,  2019  4:35pm EST

    I had my septum operation in Rochester at Mayo. My cardiologists told me that if I was their wife, that's where they'd go. I'm so glad I went there. Now 8 years out, the septum issue is no problem today. 

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