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Sweetautumna, December 3,  2018  5:38pm EST


Hello , I was diagnosed with an LVH a few months ago while pregnant. I’m 36 and now on no meds for Blood pressure. My questions are for lvh not to progress do I have to be on meds ? If  exercise is supposed to help reverse how would I know if my heart is working too much ? 

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  • marshamd59
    marshamd59, December 4,  2018  10:04am EST

    Hello Sweetautumna - I am sorry you have this diagnosis and especially during pregnacy, that must be so hard. My condition is a little different than yours, but my left ventricle is also enlarged and has trouble pumping, so in those ways it's similar to your condition. It is different for everyone, but I would say to follow your doctor's recommendations. You mentioned you can’t be on meds for high blood pressure. Is that because you are pregnant? Is your blood pressure high or is it just that those are the meds they are prescribing to help with your condition? I know sometimes diet and exercise can make a huge difference, but other times it does not. Each person is different even if they have the exact same condition, so you just have to work with your doctor to figure out what is best for you. I can say I have had my heart condition for 15 years and I do pretty well, so I would say there is hope with all the great technology available to us these days. Try not to be discouraged, educate yourself, and find a good doctor that you can communicate with and I pray things will go well for you and your new baby.

    Wishing you all the best!


  • vikingheart
    vikingheart, December 13,  2018  9:53am EST

    Hi Sweerautumna

    I'm not a doctor, but patient :-) and have LVH as well since early October 2018.

    I believe that you do need to take the meds in order for the LVH to reverse or slow down. Some of the meds helps your heart beat at a better rythm and pace, and that in turn helps healing your heart too.  AND, plenty of rest and remove stress.

    I know that might be difficult with the baby, but it will help you both tremendeously.

    Not too sure about the blood pressure medication, but I would suggest you have the conversation with your doctor and cardiologist.

    Prayers and happy healing


  • arogya
    arogya, April 15,  2019  3:06am EST

    Hi Sweetautumna,

    What I have understood about LVH is that its increased musclature of the heart to keep up with higher work load caused by hypertension, for example. Just as our triceps, or pecs, or biceps grow bigger with increased exercise, the heart muscle grows too, to keep up with increased work demand. My doc, and whatever I have read seems to indicate that this is reversible for many people. I have been tagged "moderate" LVH, so my first task is to get the bp down and allow the heart to work less than it is doing currently. Do you know the cause of your LVH, since other than hypertension there can be other causes too ?

    Let's hope you are able to get the LVH under control quickly and have a healthy baby and be a healthy mom soon !

    Prayers for your well being. 



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