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Marwan9891, October 11,  2019  8:30am EST

LVH or HCM or nothing!


I was pretty active runner in the last years, however, during the last month, I've increased my cardio exercise to be like 70 minutes running on treadmill on speed of 6mile/hours or a bit faster and it was totally fine for me, I didn't feel any issue during the running.

One day after finish my running, i got a small dinner and went to sleep and next morning I felt my heart pounding little bit different from usual.

I took rest for a few days and the symptoms stayed to happen to me from day to day with extra gases on my stomach:( every day with some little pain the cheat/heart. After that I've visited a cardiologist and after he runs EKG, Holter, and stress test he mentioned I have HCM with wall thickness around 1.7 cm! and he advised me to take beta-blocker for the rest of my life.

A half pill of 5mg Concor was reducing my heartbeat to 44bpm which cause unpleasant feelings sometimes (pain while sleeping). 1/4 pill or less is good for now even not everyday.

I have visited another doctor after one week from the first diagnostic and he mentioned I have moderate LVH rather than HCM. he showed my case to a committee and they said the same for me. I have moderate LVH 1.45 cm which is from my born!

note: I didn't notice any issue with my heart before and my age is 30 years, hight is 172cm and weight is 74kg.

My question: which diagnosis is correct? and how serious my situation is? Furthermore, can I keep doing cardio exercises? what about weight lifting ? can I do it with lightweight without straining myself?

3 Replies
  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, October 11,  2019  9:12am EST

    Good morning, this is a lot to take in at one time and I can understand why you are concerned and a bit confused. We can't provide a diagnosis for you, which I know is not helpful to want you are asking for. My best thought is to consult a third cardiologist and if that person agrees with doctor #2 then you are in a good space to accept that diagnosis.  I can also share the patient education materials we have on Left Ventricular Hypertrophy (LVH)    if that helps as well. 

    Best Katie

  • eddiepullin
    eddiepullin, October 11,  2019  9:26am EST

    Good morning Katie, please share the left ventricle information with me. I have EF of 35, an ICD and PACEMAKER. I’m thinking it’s ISCHEMIC. I had initial heart attack 3.5 years ago. 1 year later, ICD, 1 year after that NEW ICD WITH PACEMAKER. I left my job this past May, I couldn’t handle being fatigued and shortness of breath comes and goes, I’m seeing more of this daily. Headaches are starting, my quality of life is disappointing. I just had a nuclear stress test Tuesday morning, it’s now Friday, I’ve called for results twice now with no return call, I’m open for any and all suggestions.

  • Marwan9891
    Marwan9891, October 12,  2019  6:12am EST

    Hello Katie, 

    Thanks for your feedback, I will try to do that again in the coming days. 

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