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Jesedb, January 30,  2020  8:56pm EST

Life span

I have lived 20 yrs w chf , but last weekend my icd went off twice and I was hospitalized. They made a few med changes. My chf was caused by ischemic cardiomyopathy (2 silent heart attacks). I'm happy I survived 20 v tachs and a heart rate of 200 last weekend, but now I'm scared all over again. I wasnt over exerting or doing anything to cause this  Has anyone out there survived more than 20 yrs? If so, how are you doing? I turn 65 on Saturday. Thanks for any feedback!

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  • eddiepullin
    eddiepullin, January 30,  2020  10:12pm EST

    Hi, I can’t relate. I had a device check done on Tuesday, after our last post between us I asked the dr, his thoughts were get it out of my head, it’s only been 4 years for me. I see another specialist on February 11th to see if I should be a Candidate for a heart transplant, or any other options. I won’t have the transplant. I’m praying for other options. I turn 60 in February. I guess what I’m trying to say is, we are our own worse enemy. Reading your story from last week gave me hope, I’m changing my diet, I’m now in an exercise program. I had given up, your story even though you had an issue doesn’t mean we should stop. So let’s get right back out there and continue to LIVE. Thank you for the inspiration knowing I can live 20 years without a transplant. I wish you luck! I’m praying for both of us. Let’s go! Thank you! Eddie 

  • Jesedb
    Jesedb, January 30,  2020  10:27pm EST

    Eddie, your words were just what I needed. What is your ef? Good news is you ARE young so your chance is a heart is higher. 20 years ago we discussed that a transplant may someday be necessary, but I would be hesitant too. Reach out to other transplants and find out as .much  as you can. I would give a lot for a healthy heart. Thanks again. Julie

  • eddiepullin
    eddiepullin, January 30,  2020  10:48pm EST

    Hi Julie, my EF JUST went back up to 25 after the 2 additional stents in November. But knowing you stayed strong for 20 years gave me a complete new outlook on life. Thank you for your story. I had completely given up, but reading your story has inspired me. We both have many years ahead of us. Consider what happened to you as a small obstacle that you can overcome. I’m looking for someone local so we can support each other. I’m looking, but if not, with God’s help I’m going to survive. 

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