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jbspiro, August 9,  2019  12:28pm EST


ICD implant is making my shoulder jump when I use my left arm.  It makes me nauseous and dizzy first, then starts to jerk my shoulder above implant.  Does not happen when I use my right arm.

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  • eddiepullin
    eddiepullin, August 9,  2019  12:36pm EST

    I would contact your physician, or go to the ER. How long have you had the ICD? How long have you had this problem? I wouldn’t let this continue. Better safe to see the Dr asap

  • jbspiro
    jbspiro, August 9,  2019  12:53pm EST

    I have contacted them, told the nurses, am still waiting.  I had it put in Jun 6, 2019.  I was given the go ahead to go back to my normal routine.  Last Friday August 2, they slowed the ICD down to 1/3 the speed it was going because I saw the doctor for the 6 weeks check up.  Thursday, the day before that, I had gotten that feeling for the first time.  The shoulder actually started to go back and forth, convulsing.  I saw the doctor the very next day, and she said I may have to have scar tissue cleared out going by through the groin.  Just checking to see if anyone else has had a problem.  I know everyone is different.


  • eddiepullin
    eddiepullin, August 9,  2019  1:17pm EST

    I did have some twitching at 1st, on on my 2nd ICD, August of 2017 they placed the 2nd one in and added a pacemaker. 3.5 years I continued to work after my initial heart attack. I just left my job in May of this year. Take your time, I didn’t listen, I guess I didn’t accept the fact I now had limitations. But they caught me. Take care of yourself, and if it gets to bad, listen to your body, go to ER. 

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