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Rmp829, September 12,  2019  10:08pm EST

Having Diarrhea with increased shortness of breath (heart failure ef 28%-55yo female)

Anyone who can rwply with personal experience with having or treating heart failure with a bout of Diarrhea? What’s safe to take?

I have had Diarrhea off and on for the past 5 days. I had labs drawn today (day 5) but my chf nurse said all my numbers are good.  Bnp is 90. Usually 200-400 (almost 700 when admitted and diagnosed 5 months ago.  She told me to hold my lasix and Potassium for 2 days in case I’m dehydrated but labs didn’t really indicate significant dehydration. 

I’ve also had more shortness of breath for 3 days and continued burning sensation in my chest. A couple weeks ago they increased my Pantoprazole becauae they think the burning is acid reflux. However the feeling is the same or worse. 

Just wondering if this is all related or if they are missing something. I have a third echo coming up next week. I’m hoping my ejection fraction has increased to at least 40-50%

Any thought? 🤔. I feel tired and weak 😕



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  • Smiley76
    Smiley76, September 17,  2019  2:09am EST

    I wonder if it’s the meds. My husband was diagnosed on Dec 14 2018. His ef was15-20% He had a echo scan with contrast Aug 2019. His Ef is 45% but the meds make him feel awful some days. Some days he’s super dizzy. We went to the     Dr and they think he’s  low on fluids. His BNP is 7. I wish I had better answers but I still don’t understand it myself. 


    Best wishes.

  • Rmp829
    Rmp829, September 20,  2019  12:28am EST

    I think it was a virus and maybe the meds made it worse. Thank God I’m feeling much better now. Still a little dizzy but that’s because I had to take a Norco for my back pain  

    I had my 3rd Echo the other day. My Ejection Fraction has increased from 25-30% to 35-40%.  My cardiologist is happy with the improvement but wants me to be at least at 50% before I can get rid of the Lifevest and not need an icd. 

    Good news for me is he is clearing me to have my back surgery.   I will have a cardiac mri in 3 months and a follow up visit to see her f I have improved enough or not  

    Things are looking up!

  • Smiley76
    Smiley76, September 21,  2019  4:14pm EST

    Wow!! That's crazy my husband has never had a life vest. Ef was 15-20% in Dec. His heart failure  specialist, said it takes time to improve. Hope y'all both get to 50% at some point soon. 

    Best Wishes 

  • jbspiro
    jbspiro, September 23,  2019  6:54am EST

    The only thing we try, without using drugs is, an old family remedy.  A pinch of marjoram spice, to a cup of water, make tea, drink.  Hope it helps.

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