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eddiepullin, September 2,  2019  7:05pm EST


I had a heart attack in January 2016, a month before my 56 birthday. They placed 2 stents in. My EF has and still is 35%. I missed 8 working days. My bp stayed low. In July of the same year they added an ICD. I hemorrhages 3 hours after surgery and they had to rush me back to OR. I was released the next day, only to go back the following day with a fever. Kept me another day, fever broke with antibiotics. I only missed 6 working days. They’ve made several changes to my ICD over the last 3.5 years. In July of 2017, They added a pacemaker and a new ICD. Dr’s kept me out of work for 5 weeks. I had my last ICD change in April of this year. I take a diaretic, aspirin, 2.5 mg of lisinopril, plavix. I was on atorvastin, but finally after begging my dr he told me I could stop. I’m totally exhausted, exhaustion to the point I  quit my job. Warehouse worker. Heavy lifting etc. I applied for disability, I don’t know what’ll happen if I’m refused. Does anyone else get fatigued that easily? I’m 59.5 now. I have NO ENERGY. It’s horrible, any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful. Thank you, Eddie 

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  • afibabit
    afibabit, September 3,  2019  4:41pm EST

    What dosage of atorvastin were you taking?  Did you wean off of it gradually, or did you just stop 'cold turkey'?    

  • eddiepullin
    eddiepullin, September 3,  2019  4:45pm EST

    Hi, I gradually went off of it. I was taking 40 mg daily. Thank you!

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, September 4,  2019  8:26am EST

    Good morning, I am truly sorry you are having to experience this. Has your doctor looked at other options for the fatigue like thyroid, anemia, hormone and/or vitamin deficiency? Sometimes these issues can create serious fatigue as well. Please know that we are here for you. Best Katie

  • eddiepullin
    eddiepullin, September 5,  2019  9:02am EST

    Hi Katie, the Drs have run complete blood panels. Everything looks good. Things I used to do, such as cutting my grass, I now have to take breaks in between. Walking up the stairs I get winded. I used to walk 2-3 miles around the park, now I walk around a mile and have to take several breaks. I see both my cardiologists again in November. I’m going to try and get in sooner if possible. Thank you,Eddie 

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