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Jesedb, January 29,  2020  11:47am EST


My icd went off twice last weekend and I was hospitalized for a few days. I remember when I was first diagnosed I became depressed, but after time and meds I was better. Now that I had a recent episode I am crying everyday. My Dr. assures me this is common. Any suggestions on how I can become a positive overcomer again? 

5 Replies
  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, January 30,  2020  8:52am EST

    Jesedb, I am so sorry that you are feeling this way. Survivorship is hard and I think many of us can relate to the constant challenge of recovery. It takes a toll on your emotions. Would you be willing to talk with a therapist about how you are feeling? There are both traditional and non-traditional ways to help with the depression and I am hopeful you will be able to find some good solutions. Thank you, Katie

  • Josep
    Josep, January 30,  2020  8:57pm EST

    Hugs to you Jesedb. 

    I'm so sorry you have to deal with depression again. Would you ask your Dr. for a referral to a therapist? You mentioned meds when you were first depressed, will your Dr order those again for you? Those are outside influences that may help. 

    Now for your own personal inside influences: what do you love about life? Watching the sun come up and listening to the birds wake up is one important thing for me. I feel better in the sunshine. The internal battle to beat depression is sometimes not easy. You know what will make you feel happy, productive, engaged - but the depression fights back telling you not to do those things. The depression tells you it's too hard or not worth it or ... So, just do it anyway. Do just one small thing. Then another small thing. Look at what you have done and smile. 


  • Johnlynk
    Johnlynk, January 31,  2020  10:25am EST

    Jesedb, you are battaling a very overlooked and common problem with people such as us.  It is very normal and very difficult to understand.  I have gone through some on and off again problems over the last two years.  I did and do a lot of things to staff off these feelings every day.  To help even more I contacted a mental health center to see if I was having depression or anxiety.  They did say I leaned more towards the anxiety side, but regardless I started seeing someone that specializes in chronic illness.  Not may cardiac specialists out there in the field of mental health.  This has really done wonders for me along with the many things I do.  Some of the other things that really help is to have some support staff of people that went through the same thing or similar.  Look for support groups, AHA, or Mended Hearts programs.  Exercise, yoga, and singing in the car help me tremendously.  Defintiely try something, and keep on trying or adding to your routine.  You are amongst thousands that go through this and it will get better.  I am so happy that you wrote this.  It isn't easy either telling people about it.  Breaking down and crying to my wife was an awful thing for me, but it was the start of getting some more help and it has been the right thing to do.  I wish you a healthy peace of mind and body.  It takes work, but is so worth it.  Our second chance is wonderful and I cannot tell you how great I feel when I am able to share it with others.  Reply to my dash anytime.

    Have a beautiful weekend!


    Second Chances

  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, January 31,  2020  11:44pm EST


    The best thing you can understand about this is that you are not alone. I was warned prior to my surgery that depression is common and was encouraged to seek therapy afterward. I was also told that crying, even sometimes for reasons that can't be explained, can also occur. I had experiencing some crying episodes shortly after leaving the hospital. I decided to heed the advice of possible depression by engaging in therapy sessions. These sessions were of great help as they made me realize things that hadn't occured to me. I would recommend it. 

    If you haven't gone to cardiac rehab, you should. Aside from the physical benefits, it is mentally uplifting. If you can't go to rehab, you should ask your cardiologist about what exercises you can do on your own. Even regular brisk walks are helpful and can be a mental boost.

    Wishing you well!


  • jacenock
    jacenock, February 4,  2020  10:40pm EST

    I fall into an anxious or depressed state whenever someone asks me..,, 'how you're doing'

    Such that now I avoid phone calls

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