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APadilla, February 7,  2020  12:25am EST

CHF - Cardiomyopathy Support Groups?

Good evening, I'm new on here and I was wondering if there are any support groups that people can attend. I haven't had any luck in finding one in the local Chicago area.

It's hard to talk to people who can't relate with the stress and fears. Would be nice to chat in person with people that can understand.

Thank you

3 Replies
  • Memorare
    Memorare, February 7,  2020  10:31am EST

    Hello! I've never been to one. But I know of mended hearts and they have a meeting every month in Evanston hospital. The next meeting is this 11th. 
    I think they have different chapters, maybe there's one closer to you.

    It is hard to find people that can relate about all the anxiety,fears, uncertainty.. or even just share information and experiences. 
    I hope being in this online support group helps you and let me know how Mended hearts turns out if you do decide to go. 
    'best of luck to you and wishing you the best! 

  • AlyAHA
    AlyAHA, February 7,  2020  6:00pm EST

    Welcome to our online support network, APadilla! I am not familiar with in-person support groups in the Chicago area, but your cardiologist might know of one nearby! In the meantime, please feel free to engage with others in this online platform. There are lots of members on this site who can relate to you and who can offer support :)

  • APadilla
    APadilla, February 8,  2020  11:34pm EST

    Memorare, i've looked up but the Mended Hearts website, but it doesn't give much info and really doesn't even have people that you can reach.That's why i thought i'd try the AHA.


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