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Blessings, December 15,  2020  11:38pm EST

30% EF - Has anyone had similar levels?

My name is Malí.  I signed up hoping my brother Jose will join your wonderful group.  He is very distraught, and I am too.  Doctor just told him his echocardiogram revealed he has an EF level of 30%.  

I was wondering if anyone has had numbers similar to his.  What options are there and what can my brother do to feel better.  I would greatly appreciate any information that would help us.  

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  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, December 23,  2020  10:52am EST

    Hello, thank you for reaching out on your brother's behalf. I can imagine how difficult this must be. Unfortunately, I am not a medical professional, and questions this specific should always be put to a cardiac care team. Here is a resource that may guide the conversation around the echocardiogram. Please let us know what your brother's doctor says and how he is feeling.


    The AHA Team

  • Smiley76
    Smiley76, December 24,  2020  1:54am EST

    Hi! Yes, my husband had an EF of 20% when he left the hospital in December of 2018. With good meds/ followed Dr's orders. His Ef is now 47%. It takes time to get it back up and also depends on why in the first place. My husband had a virus plus high blood pressure once that's all  under control he doing better. I'm typing this because he's at work and I mostly on here to give support. 

    best wishes to ur brother and tell him to keep his head up. 

  • eddiepullin
    eddiepullin, December 29,  2020  12:42pm EST

    Hi, I originally had a EF OF 30 after my heart attack. After 5 years I now have a 20% EF. But I had 2 additional stents last November, I also had another catheterization, 3 months ago with no new blockage. 
    I have an echo scheduled for January 21st and see both my cardiologists a week later for my ICD, PACEMAKER, and the results of my echo. 
    mom on a ton of meds. But I keep going. 
    I wish you luck, and hopefully we can all have a better year ahead. 
    I just want to go back to work, I've been off for a year and a half. I'm 60, with a week heart, but I can't stand sitting at home. 
    I'm bored. Working was my life, and I worked 3.5 years after my original heart attack. 
    Good luck to all!

  • marshamd59
    marshamd59, January 5,  2021  3:01pm EST

    Dear Mali,

    Welcome! Thank you for reaching out for support for you and your brother. It's huge to have a good support system. Your brother is lucky to have you in his corner. Try not to be discouraged. The good thing is he has been diagnosed now the drs can make a plan for medications and any procedures that can get your brother feeling better. The drugs they have now are amazing and can help him feel lots better while hopefully increasing his EF. For now just take it a day at a time. It takes a while to feel better so you have to be patient and let the meds do their work. I'm glad you are here. Keep us updated on how he's doing. Make sure you have a good team of doctors. 
    All the best to you and your brother!


  • Blessings
    Blessings, January 8,  2021  1:36am EST

    Thank you to all of you for sharing your information and for your support.  
    my brother continues to be very discouraged.  He says he feels like he is barely alive.  In addition, he received a call from his cardiologist yesterday telling him he has to go on disability for four months.  He loves working and said that that is the only time he is not thinking about his condition.  He stated he was very unhappy being told he could not work.  He feels it will be worse with him not working and being occupied the majority of the day.  
    His EF continues to be at 30%.  
    He said his cardiologist does not feel he should have a pacemaker or any other device at the time.  
    Thank you again for your support.  It gives me some relief. 

  • eddiepullin
    eddiepullin, January 8,  2021  1:10pm EST

    Hi, I totally understand what you're brother is going through. I worked for 3.5 years and my EF got worse. 
    sitting home the last 1.5 years has been horrible. 
    But I keep trying, I'm not giving up. Find a hobby, and just keep praying. I hope all goes well. 
    I have an echocardiogram on the 21st of this month. If I'm lucky enough to hit 30 or better I'm going to find something PT, and pray things get better. 
    good luck 

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