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Pianobeth7, December 30,  2020  4:02pm EST

WPW recurrence

Hi, I just am joining this sight for some support.  I was diagnosed with WPW in my twenties but it was never much of an issue until I've gotten older.  At age 58 I had an ablation done because my heart was whacking out so often.  It really helped until recently.  The other day I woke up, got out of bed and my heart kept flipping between a normal beat to really fast.  I got so dizzy and weak, called 911, was taken to the hospital, given IV medication to calm the arythmia and spent one night for observation.  This is the 2nd day since I'm home and am on oral amiodarone once a day.  It's just unsettling to have heart issues and now I'll be seeing the cardiologist who did the ablation for evaluation about a second ablation.  But I'm wondering, is it possible to just control the arthymias with medication?  Has anyone else used amiodarone - that's the generic name - otherwise known as cordarone or pacerone.  Thanks.

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  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, December 30,  2020  5:15pm EST


    Thank you for joining the AHA Support Network and for sharing your story here. I can imagine this must be very frustrating for you, however, questions this specific regarding medications should be put directly to your cardiac care team. 

    Please let us know what the doctor says and how you are feeling. We're rooting for you!

    Best Wishes,

    The AHA Team 

  • NewPacer73
    NewPacer73, January 4,  2021  10:12am EST

    I wanted to share I went through the exact same thing...up and down heartrates and one night in the hospital. The hospital cardiologist suggested a monitor for a month. Then I was put on a heart monitor for a month that was easy to deal with...new technology. I already have a pacemaker and what the heart monitor found was the time between the upper chamber and the lower chamber beating was too long. They adjusted it and it's like a miracle. I feel so much stronger. No special meds for this new incident. You may want to suggest that you wear a monitor for a month so they can catch when it's happening. I thought the pacemaker would figure it out, but the monitor company reported the problem. The pacemaker cardiologist made the adjustment. The arrythmia is under control so far. smile  It's always amazing to me to see what they can do to help with cardiac problems. Lots of people get on here with anacronyms of letters...I'm clueless on what WPW means. So if you post again,  write it out once so you may get people with WPW who actually resolved it with their cardiologist. Curious as I am, I looked it up and it says, like me, you may have a congenital cardiac issue that's relatively common. Fixing congenital cardiac issues in my experience takes a whole cookbook of recie ideas. We change the plan over time and they all work for awhile for me. Wishing you the best and sending cyber hugs your way. Keep us posted. 

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