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Calderwood, June 28,  2020  11:46pm EST

WPW episodes at nighttime

I've been kept awake late into the night by having these WPW episodes.

My heart feels like it's about to shoot off into all different directions in terms of its beat and rythym. I've been getting terrible acid at night too. It's quite an unsettling experience to go through. 

I'm currently waiting to get a catheter ablation procedure, but in the meantime I'm still stuck with the WPW symptoms.

Does anyone have any tips for dealing with the episodes and how to get them to calm down enough just so I can get some sleep and rest?

4 Replies
  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, June 29,  2020  9:30am EST

    I am so sorry that is what you are having manage. Have you tried relaxation techniques like meditation? I know the overall anxiety topic comes up in the community frequently and people have had luck with stress management techniques. 

    I have two resources to share with you.

    Arrhythmia Tools and Resources 

    Stress Management Tips

    I do think our community members will have some great tips to share as well. 

    When is the ablation?  How much longer do you have to wait? 

    Thanks Katie

  • TessC
    TessC, June 29,  2020  1:38pm EST

    I hope this tip will help you as much as it has for me and my SVTs. But I don't eat after 7 pm, and I don't eat anything that might cause me to have bloat or acid at dinner time. For me that means no decaf coffee, anything acidic or fatty. I mainly eat carbs and plant based foods at night and eat my meats and sugary stuff in the day. There is a heart/stomach connection you can read about that explains the reasons to eat clean at dinner and stop eating early. I also prop up in bed so I'm not flat on my back which seems to help me. I may be getting an adjustable bed soon so I won't slide down. This position helps with the stomach issues which then helps with the heart issue. Good luck! 

  • Raindrop32
    Raindrop32, June 29,  2020  5:32pm EST

    I agree with TessC's post above. You mentioned acid reflux at night along with your WPW episodes, so those two tips might help. I've also noticed that not eating a large meal in the evening, not eating sugar, dressing for a comfortably cool temperature, and sleeping in a slighly raised position (on pillows) help with my nighttime SVT episodes. You could also try experimenting with your exercise schedule (morning, afternoon,or evening) and see if that affects your heart at night. Also, one thing to consider, with your doctor if you are taking any medication, is changing your medication dosage schedule so that you get the maximum amount in your system during the hours your symptoms are the worst.  Feel better

  • Calderwood
    Calderwood, July 1,  2020  10:51pm EST

    Thank you guys for the tips; appreciate the input. 

    With a combination of your advice, google searches and my own intuitions, I'm slowly beginning to connect what makes me feel better, or is able to stave off the worst of the WPW palpitations.

    I've begun not eating large meals before bed, cut out coffee altogether, and unfortunately cut down on exercise. I used to enjoy rowing and running, but it just sets of my heart so I'll it to a minimum (although I still go on my daily walks in the forest). I do enjoy wine, but looks like that'll be next on the list to stop! Sadly alcohol does also seem to set of the palpitations too. 

    Whilst in bed I've started to do breathing exercises which seem to help a bit too.

    I might look into getting one of those beds which you can change the settings electronically so that you can sit up a bit.

    I haven't been given an ablation date yet, but my cardiologist says expect a date within the next five months - I guess they're all backlogged with all the distubences caused by Covid-19.

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