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entropy, January 23,  2020  11:41am EST


I have scar mediated left ventricular VT. LVEF is 65%. I am 68 and health is otherwise pretty good. I take a low dose beta blocker as my only med.

I have had 3 ventricular ablations over 3 years and they have made the situation worse (not that it was good to begin with). At one point my ICD shocked me 25 times in an hour. I now have a magnet that can override the shock and have changed the settings for ATP and shock. ATP actually precipitates a more dangerous rhythm in me. ATP can increase VT rate from 160 to 230 in an instant.

Two of the ablations were in the last 6 months. The most recent Nov 2019.

I have ongoing chest pain and I don't know why.

VT has not abated; modest activity is enough to set me off. Don't want to go back on to amiodarone but may not have any choice. Might have a fourth ablation as I have nothing to lose now.

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  • NewPacer73
    NewPacer73, January 23,  2020  12:21pm EST

    I found out yesterday an ablation procedure failed too. I don't have your particular problem, but it is common, I am learning. I agree you don't have a lot of choices here. I'm a little older than you, but think I'll try anything to relieve symptoms and risk factors. I am amazed about how much they can do, while frustrated about how they don't really have fixes that work yet in some areas. Wishing you the best. How frustrating. Hang in there. And thanks for posting. I know I'm not alone in frustration alley.

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