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JudyKol, January 31,  2020  7:03am EST


Aside from magnesium, what other supplements do others take? I have tried COQ10 and it made me very anxious. I'm wondering about B Vitamins. Also, is potassium recommended?

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  • NewPacer73
    NewPacer73, January 31,  2020  7:14am EST

    Potassium was recommended to me because I was low. I'm low on vitamin D too, so I take that too. I'd ask your PCP or cardiologist about what's needed in your case. My B12 is normal too. And after they got the Potassium up to within range, I stopped taking it and the numbers show it's still in range. Yay! There's nothing worse than an IV for potassium when you are in the hospital! So painful. Good luck. Great idea to check it out with your medical provider. Take care. It's a voyage for cardiac patients. smile Hugs.

  • Raindrop32
    Raindrop32, February 1,  2020  9:11pm EST

    I agree that you should ask your doctor about supplements. Some can do more harm than good. Also, if you are able to get what you need from food, that would be ideal, because food is usually more absorbable than tablets. 

    None were recommended to me, except that my cardiologist recommended that I increase my sodium intake, and keep my iron up by eating iron rich foods. 

  • Aneta
    Aneta, February 15,  2020  12:26pm EST

    Hello, yes, I have to agree with Raindrop I tried some supplements but it just wasn't working so well for me. Then I tried to change my diet to incorporate there more vegetables, fruits, less meet and less processed food, and I think and feel that body reacts better to this change rather than just taking supplements. I have some friends who are fitness instructors and they said that body can not take enough vitamins from supplements even when we take them, because of the digestive systems etc.

    So I would definitely recommend change in diet and find more vitamins there first. :)

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