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ccccc, November 3,  2018  11:14pm EST

The dr never said I may not be sedated during the ablation

My dr. performed an ablation for SVT with NO SEDATION, nor did he EVER tell me this might happen prior to the procedure. The reason was that he had to induce my SVT symptoms with mediation, and told me that if he gave me sedation, my symptoms would disappear... He only gave me local anesthesia,which did NOTHING to numb the pain from inserting the catheters into my groin and threading them through my veins to my heasrt. I felt excruciating pain on and off while being strapped to the table FOR THREE HOURS!!!. I felt that I was being tortured and repeatedly asked for sedation, but was told that none could be given... I now want to file a complaint so that no one else has to suffer like I did. What do I do?

Update: After all of the above0- The dr could not ablate as the origin of the SVTs was too close to the HIS nerves!!!!

6 Replies
  • PVCMargie
    PVCMargie, November 4,  2018  6:32am EST

    That is awful.  So sorry you had to go through that.  That is one of the many reasons why I am using ablation as a last resort if medications fail.  You were not told this prior to going in?  I thought that at least they had to give you something to relax you so that you are in a sedative-like state.  I really hope that after going through of that, they were able to ablate the areas that cause your SVT.

  • ccccc
    ccccc, November 4,  2018  11:06am EST

    PVCMargie- Great idea to make this a last resort treatment option... In answering your question-No, they could not ablate, as the point of origin of the irregular heartbeats was too close to the heart's natural pacemaker, and the dr. did not want to damage it... Huge disaster....

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, November 5,  2018  8:39am EST

    I am so sorry that you experienced this! My first thought is to talk to your doctor about what happened and the lack of communication. Then, if that does not resolve the issue contact your state medical board and share what happened with them. You can also look for a doctor that has a better bedside manner and will explain things to you using a better approach. I hope this helps, best Katie 

  • AmbassadorDN
    AmbassadorDN, November 5,  2018  4:39pm EST

    Hi, ccccc,

    So sorry about your ordeal! This seems to be a so-called trend among EPs to attempt ablations without sedation so as to zap the abnormal rhythms as they may "hide" during an ablation in which sedation is being used. My EP had wanted to do this with my most recent attempt in 2015 but was reluctant for the very reasons you expressed.

    I agree with Katie-- contact your state medical board to share your experience. Your EP should have been clear with you as to the plan for the ablation, along with risks of a non-sedated procedure.

    Please keep us posted.


    Ambassador DN

  • ccccc
    ccccc, November 7,  2018  8:17pm EST

    Thank you Katie, and AmbassadorDN... I will do that... I feel that you are correct, AmbassadorDN, as it felt like the EP had reheresed his lines when he told me that he wanted to proceed without sedation lest he lose the abnormal rhythms...

  • BEbikeme
    BEbikeme, January 4,  2019  2:07am EST

    Hello ,

    I had an ablation 12/31/18 for SVT and this was my exact experience ! I’m now suffering adverse effects. So sorry ! I can empathize with you. 



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