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Brody, July 6,  2019  2:38pm EST

SVT or ????

Hi.  I am the mother of a son who was diagnosed with Vasovagal AFIB at 15 years old...triggered by drinking cold milk.

Now, he seems to be having incidents where he feels faint and his heart rate races to a high of 140-150.  I know that this is Tachycardia, but how do we know where it is coming from?  When he feels this way, it comes on suddenly, he lays down and it terminates within 10 minutes.

I know that SVTs are usually benign arrthymias; I just want to make sure that nothing more serious is going on. 

Does feeling faint prior to an elevated rhythm sound at all familiar to anyone as a precursor or simutaneous issue when you go into SVTs?

Also, has anyone successfully used Kardia Mobile to capture an arrythmia?

Thanks so much!


4 Replies
  • MEB75
    MEB75, July 7,  2019  11:46pm EST

    Hi, so sorry to hear about your son’s challenges! Might I ask how you derived at the trigger with the cold milk? I do feel like cold liquids trigger my arrhythmia (NSVT) - so you’re the first person I’ve heard say that! 

    As far as the near syncope/ squeeze - I do get that right before or during the arrhythmia and does it feel awful :( I am much older so I can’t imagine being so young and having this happen.  

    Is there any positive prognosis? 


  • marshamd59
    marshamd59, July 11,  2019  11:35am EST

    Hi Brody,

    I’m sorry to hear about your son’s problems at such a young age. I also suffer with a lot of arythmia issues including Afib and tachycardia. I do feel light headed and dizzy when my heart rate goes up. I’m wondering if he has an ICD implanted? I would hope so with the problems he’s having as an safety measure and also because it monitors the heart so his doctor can see what is going on. Is he taking medication for this condition? I’ve looked into the Kardia app, but I haven’t used it. I just use a free app where I can check my heart rate, but because I have an ICD I just call my doctor’s office and they can look at the report from my heart monitor. I hope some of this info will be helpful and wish your son all the best and you also. I know as a mother how hard it is to watch our children suffer. 

    Take care and bless you both. 


  • Devoep
    Devoep, August 4,  2019  4:54am EST

    I am sorry to hear that this has affected a person so young. But everyone has a heart and sometimes things go wrong and age is not the culprit. As I read thru the many posts here. Age is only a number but help is available to any age that has heart issues. The technology has advanced so much now, that I am willing to go under again if necessary without a moment's hesitation. The dizziness is the only symptom that I had to know that something was wrong with my heart, It was not until I  was looking at something else that I found out that the dizziness was a symptom of my heart condition that I was told that I need to take of asap. I am in my sixties but do not think that my A-fib just started. I didn’t drink or smoke, try to take care of my body, vitamins, rest and the normal stress. I was sent straight to the EP and they got right down to the business of the procedure as one mate called it earlier in another post rather than saying surgery. I had told everyone that I had surgery. They did put me to sleep for this procedure. I was scared like it was a surgery, but call it as you may. My heart rate soared to around 200 bpm, l did not track how long it stayed. I just think that went the dizziness and shortness of breath were over, it was over. There is a book out there as well as I do also suggest the seminars Get in Rhythm that is held in Dallas. The book is on Amazon (My Black Heart). A short read, but in the perspective of the patient from diagnosing to surgery to recovery with the actual surgery reports, lab readings, test result, emotional counseling, and testimony. Encouragement with the drama throughout the book for those that need encouragement along the way and insight into the future. It should help with some future decisions that you will have to make. Also, for anyone else on the forum, for some comparisons of treatments, and to let you know that you are not alone in this journey. I understand the pain, fears, and uncertainty. May you feel better my friends after you read the book. My Black Heart subtitle: My Ablation Surgery

  • Devoep
    Devoep, August 4,  2019  5:03am EST

    I forgot to mention that my son purchased the Kardia Mobile for me and I love it because it can store the graphs as well as remind you to take a reading. One of my doctors took a look at my history of reading and discovered something that she did not see with the 3 prong EKG, The Kardia is a one probe reader but evidently looks at the heart pulses at another angle that the 3 probe one that she was using. Before my surgery, after and during a check-up, the EP uses a 12 probe EKG that shows more aspect for a better diagnosis. 

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