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davidcduncan, December 19,  2020  10:19am EST

Stress/Shock and AFIB

Hello everyone, I am brand new to this forum. My name is David and I am 22, I have had AFIB episodes ever since I was injured about a year ago on an industrial job. I got cut pretty bad and I don't do too well with my own blood, so I got light headed and had to lay down on the floor. Following that I felt all the AFIB symptoms and couldn't figure out why so I eventually went to the Hospital and they told me it was AFIB. I was eventually given a medication that when taken stops my AFIB episode.

Since then I have had these episodes about 3 more times. Nothing seems to trigger them besides these similar types of moments. Intense physical activity, foods, adrenaline, etc. all fine for me. Except when I get these moments of "shock". A few months after I was diagnosed I went in to get an eye exam, upon dilating my eyes I became very nauseous and light headed. Almost like I was going to faint. Following that I immediately went into AFIB and had to take a pill and see my doctor. It was quite a while later before I had another episode and this one came almost out of nowhere, I never felt faint but I was stressed and simply having lunch, when my Apple Watch notified me it detected AFIB and looking at it, it was right. Another pill, and a call to my doctor.

The final time was last evening, I seem to have gotten a very bad case of food poisoning, causing me to be very sick and incredibly dizzy. I thought I was going to pass out, and what do you know- AFIB.


So my question is, has anyone dealt with anything similar? Your arythmia being caused by specific events instead of at random. I am a young guy and would like to find the cause of this or other people who can shed some light on this for me. I could stand to lose some weight and I've heard that can help reduce AFIB quite a bit. Any advice or discussion is welcome. Thank you! 

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  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, December 23,  2020  10:14am EST

    Hi David, Thank you for sharing your story with the community. I am sorry to hear about the side effects you are experiencing. Here are some resources you might find useful as you continue to search for advice and information about AFib. 

    Best Wishes, 

    The AHA Team 

  • TessC
    TessC, December 24,  2020  3:18pm EST

    Are you seeing a cardiologist or just a regular doctor? Some doctors are not well versed in heart issues. Keep looking for someone who will take your symptom seriously and dig into your issue-not that I beleive you have a serious problem-but these episodes are affecting your well-being and deserve to be addressed so if there is a root cause, it can be found. I found my triggers for causing my atrial flutter/SVT and you may need to do the same for the time being and try to avoid them.  Good luck!

  • NewPacer73
    NewPacer73, December 29,  2020  12:34pm EST

    Dear Davidcduncan,

    I'm sorry you are having afib problems at such a young age. 52 years older than you and way down the road of arrythmia issues. I'm fine now. But here's what I wish I knew when this all first started. I wish I had gotten a good heart rhythym cardiologist. That took too long in my opinion to find. Once that happened, I was on the road to recovery. I also found a cardiologist who is responsive to the patient portal for questions is best. I could go on the portal, ask questions and together we firgure out solutions. You can ask people who may be older with arrythymia problems for recommendations. The good news is they have many ways to treat afib now. Many. 

    Sending you wishes for a successful 2021. Make priority one finding that doctor. Don't get uptight if it takes a couple of times before you find someone who is a fit for you and who has the expertise to handle the problem. I used to have all of the symptoms you are experiencing. Not anymore. But if something new shows up, I have a plan to get immediate consultations using the portal. I worry a lot less because of that responsive communication with my cardiologist. Why? I get an answer or idea usually within hours. I can then figure out what may be causing it, if it's serious, and move on with life. 

    Take care and keep us posted.

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