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Searching, January 7,  2019  3:03pm EST

Results of my nuclear stress test for 6 second episode of VT

I posted last week about am episode of 6 second VT. My nuclear stress test was Thursday.

Today my EP’s office called. He wanted to see me with a few weeks. I go to see him on Wednesday.

His nurse practitioner looked at my chart. She said that my VT was in Nov. It seemed that my nuclear stress test didn’t call for further testing.

She thought that my EP might be discussing meds or changing meds with me. I am a real worrier... filled with anxiety that maybe they will change my pacemaker for a difibulator.

Any thoughts or experiences that you can share with me?

Thank you

2 Replies
  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, January 9,  2019  8:27am EST

    I do not have this condition but wanted to share that I also can be a worrier and that I understand your anxiety and concerns. Please let us know how things go today! I am assuming you meant, Wednesday, today. But if not- and its further in Jan. please let us know how things go! Best Katie

  • Ladybug1234
    Ladybug1234, February 15,  2019  3:17pm EST

    Hello. I also have VT- Torsades de pointes my last episode and prior to that monomorphic VT. I do not have a pacemaker YET- but I am currently waiting on a Dual Defibulator to be implanted as we speak. I was sent home New Years Eve from the hospital 7 days after my episode where I passed out and banged my head. I am currenly with a LifeVest. I am hanging on. I am looking to speak to others who also have VT episodes, as this is overwhelming somedays. I think each of us knowing we are not alone in this  is one other way towards maintaining healthy lifestyle. I hope that you are doing good. Please send a update if you can.

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