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Jmills49, July 26,  2020  7:51pm EST


I am 49 yo female. I have had pvcs since in my late 20s. They got really bad when i was about 37. They seemdd to happen just before or after my periods.i put it off to hormones. I also wore a monitor and had a echo done. I went through menopause at age 43. Could it still be hormonal. At times i thibk they are connected with my stomach. I can bend over and get them. Today i was sitting on my swing relaxaing and they started. They happen more when i an sittibg doibg nothing. Has anyobe else had these for years like me and they get worse at times? Sometimes i dont have them for months and then they start back up. I can walk, exercise and dont get sob or chest pain. It happens more when im doing nothing. It just scares me. I dont like theaay they feel. It takes my breath and feels like my heart does flip flops.  Is this common?

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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, July 27,  2020  8:51am EST

    Good morning, thank you for joining the Support Network and sharing what is happening in your world. I can imagine having PVC's happen is very disconcerting. Have you spoken to your cardiologist recently about why this is happening? I can share the resources we have on PVC's and Arrhythmia with you if that is helpful. I also look forward to reading what our other members have to say about your experiences. Best Katie

  • AmbassadorDN
    AmbassadorDN, July 27,  2020  1:14pm EST

    Hi, Jmills49,

    I'm almost 45 myself and have had PVCs since birth. Quick background: I was born with a congenital heart defect, have had arrythmia all my life, and have had three heart valve surgeries. I'm also perimenopausal and expecting to need a hysterectomy because of gynecological issues as soon as things with COVID-19 calm down.

    To try to answer your question, and Katie did link you to a great resource, PVCs are in fact quite common and most often not dangerous. I don't know if you have a cardiologist who treats you, or if you have an electrophysiologist (one who treats arrythmia), but if you do, please address your concerns with your doctor(s). I have PVCs A LOT and they are annoying; I have also been on almost every anti-arrythmic medication and beta blocker that you can imagine, and they do help to an extent. For me, PVCs feel as if I have a fish flopping around in my chest. I also can exercise and have no skipped beats, but as soon as I sit down, my heart rhythm starts acting up. 

    Perhaps a 24-hour Holter monitor is in order to assess the type of arrythmia you are having, whether what you are experiencing are indeed PVCs or another type of arrythmia. Often times, cardiologists will start with a Holter for assessment purposes, and then order a 21-to 30-day event monitor for further assessment if need be.  Ask your doctor to see if he/she thinks a Holter might be a good idea in order to identify, evaluate, and treat your heart rhythm.

    We here at the Support Network are here for you, so feel free to ask any questions you may have or share any other experiences.

    Take care and keep us posted!

    To Heart and Soul Health,

    Ambassador DN


  • Jmills49
    Jmills49, July 27,  2020  6:41pm EST

    Thank yall very much for responding. It does make me feel better to know other peopke have issues. I have made a appt with my dr for tomorrow. I am gonba ask about a monitor and a poss echo. I have tild mr dr several times, but he puts it off to anxiety. Yes it does make me anxious if they continue to hapoen, but anxiety is not what started them.  I will see what they say tomorrow. Last night they continued until i fell asleep and then i woke up about 4 am and they were still happening, but today, knock on wood, nothing has happened

  • AmbassadorDN
    AmbassadorDN, July 27,  2020  8:19pm EST

    Glad you are going to see your doctor! If your doctor does not want to put you on a Holter monitor, insist. If he or she still refuses, please find a new doctor.

    Unfortunately, often times women's heart issues are written off by doctors and simply attributed to "anxiety." I have stories for you of being ignored by even ER doctors because they thought I was being a "hypochondriac" (my heart valve was failing, and thank goodness my own cardiologist believed my symptoms were real!)

    One suggestion I do have is that you keep a journal of your symptoms: Day, time, what you were doing when you started having symptoms, and  how long your symptoms lasted. This will help you be able to communicate your issues  with your doctor.

    Let us know if you have any other questions, and keep us posted! Take care! 

  • Jmills49
    Jmills49, July 27,  2020  11:40pm EST

    Havent had any today, and while laying on my couch watching rv tonight, started having them. Do you have them at night after going to bed?  

  • AmbassadorDN
    AmbassadorDN, July 28,  2020  11:10am EST

    Sometimes I do. Make sure to note when you have your arrhythmia and what you are doing, even if you are lying in bed. Hope this helps!

  • Boggie48
    Boggie48, July 28,  2020  9:52pm EST


    I started having panic and anxiety attacks last December after losing my husband and my best friend all in 3 months.  I tried antidepressants but they just made it worse.  Fast forward to yesterday I started having PVC's every 5th heart beat.  Called my clinic they said to to call 911 for ambulance.  Went to ER had blood test, urine test, ECG nothing showed up.  Doctor gave me ****** told me to go home and check with my doctor.  They suggested it was my anixety causing this.  I am not so sure.   Previously i have had every test possible to check out my heart and everything shows normal.  Just started with very frequent PVC's yesterday and same thing happened today and lasts for several hours happning every 5th beat.  Mine also happen when i am doing nothing.  In past I have had PVC's but only occassionaly.  Going to see doctor tomorrow to see if he will do anything.  Like most of you I always think the worst which does not halp my anxiety.  I have over come the panic attacks and anxiety attacks but still worry a lot and get very anxious.  I am very concerned about this but sure helps to read that I am not alone with this.  

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