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Rion321, September 24,  2020  7:26am EST


Hi folks,

I hope you're all doing well. Im 29 years old and i have been diagnosed with PVCs.. im wondering how pvc feels like for you, mine was like.. it takes my breath away and it makes my heart beat really fast after the skip beats.. does anyone experience the same thing? Its a terrifying sensation/episode and it makes me think im going to have a cardiac arrest.. i did a 2d echo and ecg and my doctor explained that my heart is structurally normal and my ecg is also normal... But im confused as to how could it be normal when i never experienced this before? My cholesterol levels are high, could that be the cause? I usually experience this when masturbatating.. and there are times im sitting/lying down/relax but it still happens.. not frequently but it does.. im so scared that i might be having a heart failure even though my heart is structurally nornal, is that possible? 


7 Replies
  • kdavis409
    kdavis409, September 24,  2020  10:02pm EST

    hi. i am a 73 year old female with venticualer tachy. I was diagosnis in 2015 and had an ablamtion. I was assured this was the trick to slowing down my heart but it did not work. Therefore the DR implanted a difi. Since then I have had nummerous firing of the difi with extrordinary pain. I have been on metropolol and amiodarone 4 pills a day. The pills are no longer and now the dr wants to do another ablamtion. The first one was very painful and di not work; why should i have another ?


  • TessC
    TessC, September 24,  2020  11:34pm EST

    If you go back and look at the posts here on the forum, you'll find many of us have PVC's. I have them and they lead to a condition called SVT which is a misfiring sequence of my heartbeat. I always feel the PVC in my throat, a thump and then the fast heart rate. All my tests also came out normal and the SVT is not severe enough to warrant treatment as long as I avoid my triggers-dehydration, low electrolytes, too much food in my stomach, heartburn, caffeine, alcohol. Apparently lots of people have PVCs and don't even know it. As you research more about PVC's you may become less worried. That's what I had to do and it helped me a lot.  Keep working with your doctors and good luck!

  • Rion321
    Rion321, September 25,  2020  8:10am EST

    Hi Tess! I feel better after reading your response! My doctor also told me that my pvc is nothing to worry about, but what worries me is when It becomes svt, it makes me think that im having a heart attack or cardiac arrest.. if my heart is structurally normal.. i cant have cardiac arrest with pvc or svt right? 

  • TessC
    TessC, September 26,  2020  12:07am EST


    I can't answer your question since I don't know the type of SVT (mine is atrial flutter, not Afib), how high or long your SVT lasts and most importantly, I am not a doctor, but I have been told the probabilty is slim if the heart itself is normal. I watched many of the informative videos by Cardiologist Sanjay Gupta and they helped me understand the risks of heart attack verses the fear of heart attacks. They are not one and the same, but in both cases, we can reduce the the risk and the fear by taking control and doing things-like losing weight, eating better, getting good sleep, not smoking or drinkng, exersize, meditating, taking magnesium, etc.

    It was a conscious effort on my part to educate myself and learn to live with SVT so my life could be joyful, but it took time, and many calls and visits to my doctors to finally come to that conclusion. If you are new to all this, I totally understand your anxiety because I had it too. Speak to your doctors as many time as you need to get your mind at ease, maybe even getting a second opinion. You might feel better if you do. Take care!

  • TessC
    TessC, September 26,  2020  12:21am EST

    Kdavis409, Sorry to hear you had an unseccessful ablation and the difib implant is hurting you. There is no way anyone here can question the advice of your doctor, but you are within your rights to get a second opinion from another cardiologist and see if he/she concurs. I do hear about folks getting 2, even 3 ablations before they are finally cured from their arrhyrthmia. But some never are, and there are risks.

    I would be like you, I would not follow blindly what a doctor tells me. I also ask all kinds of questions and I would come to a fourm like this to ask about others exoerience with a second ablation and also ask if anyone else has a difib implant that was hurting them. But as for should you get another albaltion or not- that is a question for the doctor and I'd keep at him until I was confident with his anwers and understood all the risks. Good luck!

  • Rion321
    Rion321, September 26,  2020  4:06am EST

    Hi Tess, thanks again for responding! I dont have afib and my svt does not last very long, its probably just the same as yours, my pvc does not happen very often, maybe it happens more than i realize but there were a couple instance where im not doing anything.. then thud! Followed by a fast heart rate. Thats almost only the time i would get tachycardia/svt. Is that what you experienced before? How often do u experience it? Did your doctor put you on any medication? Did you get any luck with healthy diet and exercise? Since when have you been dealing with it? Thanks again for sharing here, it really helps!

  • TessC
    TessC, September 26,  2020  12:36pm EST

    Rion321, I wrote about my experience here but I don't know how to point you to the message. About a year and half ago, I was just sitting outside around 730 pm , watching the birds at my feeders when suddenly, out of the blue, my heart started racing. I have never experienced such a thing in my 65 years. I could see my heart beating in my chest-moving my breast up and down. I showed it to my husband and he said that is not normal-so he called 911. I was starting to feel light headed and shortness of breath because it took about 10 minutes for the ambulance to arrive. They hooked me up and it was another 10 minutes before they decide to give me adenosine and take me to the ER. There they hooked me up to an EKG again, did heart xrays, did a blood test which looked for a heart attack emzyme and viewed the EMT's EKG records and decided I had had an SVT attack. Was told to go see a cardiologist.

    I had the usual tests which showed my heart was structually normal and so was passed on to an elctrophysiologist.They put me on a heart monitor for a month-and after viewing the results and said I didn't need an ablation because my PVCs and SVT were not bad and to take a beta blocker.  I didn't want to take it, so I made lifestyle changes. I don't eat after 6pm and I eat less at night so my gut will have less affects on my heart. There is a connection between the heart and stomach/gut-check it out. I also stop drinking caffeine. and I drink more elctrolytes and take magnesium. I try to reduce stress and sleep more hours.

    I learned how to self convert. As soon as an SVT starts (I've probably have had 12 in the last 18 monhts) I relax, breathe deeply and slowly and do several of the modified vagal maneuvers. So far that has always done the trick. I get an SVT, I stop it, and then I continue with my day. I cannot tell you why I continue to get them as they seem to happen out of the blue, but it could be due to me being stressed, dehydrated or bending over with a bloated stomach that presses my vagus nerve and causing a PVCs which then starts SVT.

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