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jzalesky, August 25,  2020  5:04am EST

Post EP Study/ Ablation recovery question?

Hey everyone, I just recently had an EP Study done and ablation for SVT and VT. Im about a week and a few days out from having it done and my area where the cath went in is still pretty sore and a decent sized knott. I was curious how long it took you guys to heal up. I did get a large bruise that travelled down my leg some but its starting to go away. Overall the site itself is looking like its healing up just still have a large knott like area around where the site was and also little bit into my leg below it. Not really painful just annoying. Anyway thought I would ask. Still having a lot of premature beats but no SVT so far which is good I guess. From what I read takes weeks before you know if it worked or not. Thanks for any input. -Jason 

2 Replies
  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, August 25,  2020  9:04am EST

    Hi, I can share that where the spot on my leg the interventional radiologist used to place a stent in my back took a while to feel normal. However, it is always safer to call your doctor's office and ask to make sure everything is good. That is the best way to be safe. Hope this help, Best Katie

  • ewNY1
    ewNY1, September 2,  2020  12:06am EST

    I think that "knot" is a hematoma formed in your groin area, that is not uncommon after ablation and will go away itself, including the bruises. You don't need to take any medication for that.



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