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NewPacer73, October 2,  2020  5:58am EST

Pandemic and Cardiac Issues do NOT mix

I was awakened this morning to the news about the President and First Lady, as well as other White House officials are now positive for the COVID 19. I wish them all well. I am the President's age, but I have cardiac issues as an additional risk. Basically, I am self isolated, get things delivered, wash hands and wear masks and take all precautions when I must go out to doctor''s appointments and other required outings. I think it is time to fully grasp this pandemic is not over and may get worse before it gets better both in our dear USA as well as globally. There is a lot of pressure to go out in spite of the pandemic. I see people without masks all of the time.  I wear a mask to protect them, but sometimes do not see masks on others to protect me. Rolling those dice and taking chances in this pandemic can result in what we are reading today. I will admit I am scared. Once you get it, you have it. And now they tell us you may get it again? So, I am really sincerely asking that we help each other get this under control together. Cardiac patients have enough on their plate without this threat approaching us. I pledge to continue to do whatever I can to not be responsible for the spread of this killing virus. Stay safe. Be careful. I care. 

2 Replies
  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, October 5,  2020  8:53am EST

    Good morning, I think you very eloquently expressed much of what many of us feel. I did want to share an article the AHA recently put out, How to protect yourself from the stress of politics in case our members find this useful. I know in my personal life this weekend, my friends and I talked about how hard this year has been and how crazy it is to be living the history that will end up in our grandchildren's school books. 

    Thank you for sharing this thoughtful post with us. Best Katie

  • NewPacer73
    NewPacer73, October 5,  2020  1:04pm EST

    Wow, there is sometin about reading this article that brings me comfort. Bet it has to do with feeling normal. The advice given is really excellent. Thanks for sharing it. 

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