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Liv06, January 4,  2020  11:30am EST

Palpitations at different speed to pulse


Recently I've noticed that especially when I'm lying in bed late at night I get a sense of fast and sometimes quite irregular palpitations or fluttering in the upper chest. I notice it especially if i am sleeping with earplugs in. But if I check my pulse on my neck often the beat seems normal and not related to the palpitations, or sometimes it's like the beat corresponds to some of the palpitations but there are extra pulsations in between. Do you know what might cause this? I also sometimes get a sense of my heart speeding up and feeling it in my chest if I'm anxious/upset by something but am not sure if this is related. A few weeks ago i had an electrocardiogram but it showed nothing unusual but I wasn't having an episode of feeling these pulsations at that point. Also I take medication for hbp and have noticed it's higher than usual lately and less well controlled. Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this. Ps. Lately I also notice quite a lot of variation of heart rate on taking my bp, anywhere from around 53 to 83. 

6 Replies
  • NewPacer73
    NewPacer73, January 4,  2020  12:13pm EST

    Since it happens sporadically, it seems to me you want to have a way they can see it when it's happening. I'd ask for a monitor you wear for a couple of weeks. They can see the before, during and after data then. That's what got me on the road to being successfully evaluated. Just food for thought. For me, the heart is tricky. It doesn't always cause problems, but it hardly ever cooperates when I'm in a doctor's office. smile  See if they are interested in trying that so they can see what you are experiencing, even detect if stress is making it worse. Lots of times, by the way, it indicated for me it was nothing serious AND it indicated a med adjustment was needed. Keep posting and let us know what you find out.

  • Liv06
    Liv06, January 4,  2020  12:31pm EST

    Thanks :-) I'm due to see my GP tomorrow so will discuss it with him. It's curious though isn't it, that the sensations are at a faster speed than the pulse in my neck? 

  • NewPacer73
    NewPacer73, January 4,  2020  12:37pm EST

    Yes, that is really interesting. If you get an explanation for that, let me know. For sure, they need to see the problem "in action" mode, so they can fix it. smile

  • NewPacer73
    NewPacer73, January 4,  2020  12:41pm EST

    You may need to see an electorphysiologist cardiologist (I think that's what they are called)... the ones who work on the electrical, not plumbing, issues with the heart. Either way, if they see it they will know what to do. Good luck.

  • Liv06
    Liv06, January 4,  2020  12:44pm EST

    Ok, thanks for the info :-) Will post about it if I find out. 

  • Loumulv2429
    Loumulv2429, January 5,  2020  6:30pm EST

    Hi, when I was having very frequent palpitations and was in bigeminy my neck pulse was 40 and my blood pressure machine would say 80.... the machine might be more sensitive as to pick up the beats we think we are not having....I don't know but would like to know if you get an explanation because it freaked me out a little...thought I was nuts lol I've since had an ablation so I am finally, hopefully not having to worry about it for a while.....the hearts a tricky one! Good luck!

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