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Charanf23, October 1,  2020  11:58am EST


I'm 30 yr old male with no comorbidities, social drinker and occasional smoker. I started experiencing missed beats since a week. Underwent electrocardiogram and it shows premature atrial contractions. Echocardiogram is absolutely fine, showing some ectopic contractions. My resting heart rate is around 70 and I'm facing 7-8 PACs per minute. Ironically they are disappearing with a bit of exercise where my heart rate raises above 100. As per my cardiologist I need not worry about them, but having palpitations continuously is very awful experience, feels like impending doom. I started to abstain from alcohol, caffeine and nicotine. I'm really worried that being otherwise healthy and at an young age of 30, I'm having this s**t. Can I ever get back to normal healthy rhythm? Please someone help.

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  • TessC
    TessC, October 1,  2020  5:31pm EST

    I can't anwser your question, but I have a few suggestions. Perhaps you can ask your doctor if blood work to confirm your postassium levels is possible. I would also ask for a thyroid panel test to be done. Perhaps something unseen is an underlying cause of your recent development. At least it will give you peace of mind and the option to look elsewhere for the cause. My PVCs and SVTs increase a lot if I am dehyrdated- which is too often because for some reason I do not like to drink water! It's like pulling teeth for me to drink water.

    Look up all the triggers for PVCs and try to eliminate or correct them one by one. What you are doing now is a great step. Good luck!

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