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MCross, September 4,  2019  2:37pm EST

More arrhythmias, sharp pains and anxiety after ablation


I’m a 52 year old female slowly recovering from a PVC ablation with complications. My planned ablation was “fairly routine” according to the electrophysiologist. In short it wasn’t, they mapped PVC’s that kept coming and going, ablated 2 out of at least six different areas they showed up in over eight hours before I had a bleed into my lungs from a unknown area, was in respiratory failure and place on a vent. Was removed from the vent the next day and in cardiac ICU for a week.

A month out I’m still very fatigued, having more arrhythmias (a-fib, flutter, PVC’s, PAC’s), episodes of dull or quick sharp chest pain middle left. And unfortunately all of this has made my anxiety worse. Has anyone else experienced these type of pains post ablation?


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  • TessC
    TessC, September 4,  2019  4:35pm EST

    I'm very sorry the ablation did not cure you. Of course there is still time for things to settle and I hope it does. I have not had an ablation, but I do get A flutter when I go into SVT and it can cause me t have pain in the left side of my chest, shrtness of breath and fatigue depending on how lng it last. I had the whole slew of testing-all coming back normal-so I was told not to worry about them and to get rid of all the typical triggers, reduce stress and get lots of rest. Easier said than done, but it has helped to seek support here and n Facebook, as well as view videos made by a well known consultant cardiolgist out of the UK. Check it out and good luck!

  • MCross
    MCross, September 4,  2019  4:49pm EST


    Hi Tess,

    Thanks very much. I’m new to this forum but not new to cardiac issues. Also have pacemaker. They stopped then recently halved my Verapamil due to low BP after my surgery. My a-flutter was caused by scaring from attempted a-fib ablation 14 years ago. I may be having a flutter since the Verapamil is what managed it before. The sharp pain is scarier...

    Thanks for suggestions and support again :)

  • NewPacer73
    NewPacer73, September 9,  2019  6:16pm EST

    June 1 = bradycardia cardiac arrest in ambulance. Pacemaker and was fine after a week in ICU. Tired, but fine. Then in July, hospitalized with high fever and infections. Given megadoses of antibiotics (2500 mg/day for two weeks). Had a gastro reaction. Told to use Culturelle twice a day until I was done. Then collapsed in a restaurant and taken by ambulance to hospital. Dehydration from the gastro issues I guess did that. Then released. Then so sick and was told my gastro doctor "had no appointments", so went to the PCP. She went into automatic speed dial ordering tests. Blood test = normal. Abdominal and Pelvic CT scan = normal. Stool sample= c-diff infection. Oh, my gosh! Never heard of it before. But it's a biggie. Probably got it from the July hospitalization and mega antibiotics that killed the good gut guys and the more hardy bad guys took over. Now on 10 days of antibiotics for c diff. In kind of isolation in my own home to avoid spreading it. Heart started to go a little off blood pressure wise, so as I write, I'm drinking Pedialyte to get electrolytes back into my system because I fear new dehydration again.If I'm rehospitalized, I will be in "isolation".  I may have a long road to go to get cured finally as about 25% get it again. It can get serious. I'm hoping for a cure during this first round. If anyone has fought c-diff infection, let me know. I know a lot about it now and I know somethings I wish somebody told me along the way. So recovering and fingers crossed I can jump back into life again soon. BUT EVEN MORE IMPORTANT IS: Just because tests are "normal" doesn't mean you are not sick. I am probably not in a hospital because when my gastro guy wasn't available, I went in to be seen by an Internist and said "I feel terrible". Thank heavens she heard me and did those three tests. When two tests were normal, she thought I didn't have c diff. But guess what? I do have it. And it's nothing to fool around with, trust me. Stay the course. Demand the care you need. If some tests are normal and you still feel lousy, be pushy until you figure it out.

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