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ELCM1985, May 21,  2020  5:35pm EST

Loop Monitor

I just got a Loop Monitor inserted today. Anyone else have one? Did you have pain after implantation procedure? If so, how severe and how long did it last? My doctor made no mention of pain meds or restricting activity but I am pretty uncomfortable! 

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  • TessC
    TessC, May 22,  2020  4:43pm EST

    I do not have one, but I did a search with the words "loop monitor" in the search bar at the top right and found some past messages that might be helpful to you. I'm sorry you are feeling pain. I would call the doctor if pain is persistant or seems unusually strong. Good luck!

  • Ralaz
    Ralaz, May 22,  2020  7:09pm EST


    I am on my second loop recorder, and yes there is some discomfort the first few days.  A small ice/or cold gel pack really helps along with some tylenol or advil if you can take them. You may notice some discomfort if you bump the area or from your seat belt applying pressure (this can last a month or two, I wore mine under my arm-it should go away with time).

    It takes a little bit for the "pocket" to form, and is most noticable if you accidently lean on it. Do not get the area wet for the first week, let the bandaids fall off themselves. No exercising the first week or so.

    You are going to do fine! All the best to you and I hope your doctor gets a good handle on what is happening! One suggestion, record all symptoms and make sure it downloads every night. My first one was not and I believe we were missing information. So now I am on my second loop recorder from a different company.

    Don't hesitate to reach out if you have further comments, questions or concerns!!

    Best of Luck!






  • ELCM1985
    ELCM1985, May 23,  2020  1:12pm EST

    Thank you so much!! This is very helpful! 

    I am definitely feeling better then I did the first night- that was rough! Now it's just sore to the touch. 

    Fingers crossed that we figure this out!

  • Ralaz
    Ralaz, May 23,  2020  4:46pm EST

    It will get figured out one way or another. It takes some time, be patient and most of all enjoy living your life!

    Don't forget to record and don't be afraid to record either. If you record what feels like a palpitation and it shows normal sinus rhythm, it is perfectly OK!  No need to feel silly or foolish. Sometimes you might mistake gas bubbles for a rhythm or twitchy muscle. It's all ok! The loop recorder is there to help sort things out and get a better picture of what is going on!

    Best of luck to you!


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