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mgdcarini, April 26,  2020  1:56am EST


I have had AFIB Since 2016 currently taking Eliquis, Dofeltide and Cholesterol medicine. I'm 58yrs old. I have had difficulty sleeping for almost 10 years which lead me up to getting AF. I have tried several sleeping remedies from prescribed drugs to home remedies and visted sleep specialist several times who say that I am sleeping but I personally feel i am not. I am constantly in a go go motion during the day then at night not able to sleep which causes me to become very tired irritated &stressed. I can not think or speak functionally during the day sometimes I put words together that don't make sense and forget things quite a bit. Names etc.. cardio doc said I must seek rest and proper sleep fast but as hard as I try I cannot. Anyone had this problem that found succes in seeking sleep please let me know. I'm desperate here my heart, brain  and my family need a solution fast. 

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  • jerzeycate
    jerzeycate, April 27,  2020  5:55am EST

    Insoniacs of the World Unite...

    Good morning my friend Or Good night--depends on what's gone on for you these last few hours

    First, let me say, I've had a sleep disorder since my parents brought me home from the hospital. It's been 61 years of looking for "So;utions," so if you find one please share it.

    Unfortunately there is no quick fix to sleep issues. You said that you have seen a Sleep Specialist but I'm not reading that you've had any sleep studies done. If you haven't that is certainly the place to begin.

    While trying to find answers there are steps you can take in terms of sleep hygsine. While they don't guarantee sleep, they do guarantee you''ss have checked that box off.

    For me it's been a combination of exercise, sleep hygeince and meds that got me on the straight and narrow. I s;eep about 4-5 nights a week and am much healthier for it.

    I sure hope you find an answer.

    btw I have RLS which is why I don't sleep.



  • Raindrop32
    Raindrop32, May 3,  2020  2:18am EST

    We could probably save the world if we found the golden ticket to dreamland. 

    I really wish I had some answers for you, but all I've got is baggy-eyed sympathy. 

    I could go on about sleep hygeine, but you've read it all I'm sure. 

    I don't know where my sleep probelms started, but I have very early memories of quietly playing with Barbie dolls and being carried off to bed in the wee hours of the morning. I read all the Baby Sitters Club books in the middle of sleepless nights, only to finally hear my alarm clock ring. I, for one, have not had a "sleep schedule" at all for 5 years, since my son was born. Now I have IST, and, sometimes my heart just doesn't want to go to sleep, and keeps on racing and bloop-bloop-blooping irregularly for hours from the moment I finally get horizontal. 

    This year I discovered Classical music for sleeping. Chopin's nocturnes are pretty nice. I also like Deux Arabesques by Debussy.  Not sure how much it helps, but I guess it doen't hurt, does it? 


  • AlyAHA
    AlyAHA, May 4,  2020  7:09pm EST

    This is a new concept to me and more on the "hippy dippy" side of the spectrum, but have you heard of Yoga Nidra? It is essentially a guided meditation that lasts about 20-30 minutes and brings you to the brink of unconscious/conscious. Claims say it is equivalent to 2-4 hours of sleep so at the very least it may give you an energy boost. I haven't found anything that I would say is 100% scientific, but I don't think there are any negative effects to meditation so it may be worth a try. At the very least it can hopefully give you time to reduce irritation and stress throughout the day.  As with anything, it would be best to run this by your doctor first! Google ""yoga nidra video" to get you started if you'd like to try! Good luck!

  • TessC
    TessC, May 5,  2020  2:59pm EST

    I had an interesting experience when I recently roomed with a friend during a vacation. She sleeps with a rain sounding white noise machine. I thought it would drive me crazy, but it put me right to sleep every night! I usualy don't ssllep well in hotels. I noticed you said you are always on the go-go during the day. When I have such days-I cannot wind down and don't sleep well. Can you limit your activity during the day to follow that of a more letharic person (like myself)?  I know when I am uber busy during the day-I have a hard time sleeping at night. There has been recent research that a type of metered sound called pink noise can put people into deeper REM sleep. Linked here:

    Good luck!

  • NewPacer73
    NewPacer73, May 12,  2020  7:34pm EST

    Here's my two cents, since I recently conquered this problem. First of all, I had to accept we are living in odd times that are a little more stressful than usual , right?. Then I had to try many ideas that are mentioned here. My doctor thinks "sleep meds" have too many side effects. He gave me a natural supplement called L-theanine and for some reason, it works! So, I'm a believer in trying things out mentioned in the replies above, and if you can get this supplement, with your doctor's support consider it too. Also, I end the night with Yogi Bedtime tea, before bed. It's just my ritual. If you are consuming caffeine via soft drinks or coffee, see if cutting back on that helps. I do have one cup of coffee every morning, so it's not a have to totally give it up for me. Ask your doctor. Anxiety, stress, etc really impact sleep for me and I was an Afib super sufferer before...just very  infrequent and occasional high heart rates now. Know you can do this. Work with your doctor to find your magic formula. There really isn't anything that has helped me more than a good night's sleep. Hugs and take care.

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