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JonIngalls, August 17,  2019  3:48pm EST

Help Afib after second ablation & cardioversion... now what do I do?

I’m a fit, athletic 62 year old male with no health issues other than recently developing heart arrhythmias.  Zio patch and holster monitors have confirmed I have occasional Afib, flutter and SVT episodes... the trifecta.  My Afib episodes were rare.  I had a first ablation in April and episodes of SVT returned.  After a second ablation in July I have now developed a persistent Afib and just this week had to undergo a harrowing cardioversion.  I’m in NSR... for now.  My next visit to the cardiologist is a few weeks from now.  After two ablations and one cardioversion and checking all the good health habits boxes I am a bit perplexed.  I would welcome help in asking the right questions such that I can figure out the next move... third ablation?  I can’t deal with another cardioversion.  

  • Spencer
    Spencer, August 20,  2019  12:56pm EST

    Judy - I was awake for one of my cardioversions... yeah for me.  The interns that did it found that two flips of the switch didn't get my AFib with SVT back to NSR.  And you know how I love it when they learn all about medicine by doing it to me.  I guess one of the interns said "here hold my beer, now watch this."  They called to get the attending EP (actually he was looking for the manual)  to check the placement of the pad for the third and final shocking.  I became conscience and heard and felt them moving the pads and then getting hit with the electricity.  You know you are really up the creek when you hear: 3..2..1..clear.  They, of course, denied it, it was then I described the room, people in the room and who was standing where (and the brand of beer).  After that, I demanded full anesthesia for my next two ablations.  I also take some valium if there is going to be another procedure (getting a growth cut off from my eye, and installation of a cardiac monitor) because of this experience.  

    Not kidding, the doc for my first ablations brought donuts into the operating room.  And they didn't even offer one to me.  How rude.

    Now, I have another doc that wants to shock me again, what is with these guys and shocking me?  I guess I have a few too many screws loose... see what they want to do is run the current directly through my skull in hopes of putting me into seizures for about a minute or so.  And the best thing, they want to do this nine to twelve times over several weeks in hopes of fixing me.  That would be just "a round" with more rounds a possibility in the future.   I will be under full anesthesia each time.  I told them none of Special K and Propofol.  Still thinking about doing the procedure.  I guess you have to be crazy to do it, hence the procedure in the first place.  I didn't even know this was a thing anymore.  Doc said it was and now it is new and improved.  Not sure what means.


    In the Light

  • JonIngalls
    JonIngalls, August 26,  2019  3:26pm EST

    Update for any followers...  I had to go to the ER on 8/21 for a second cardioversion.  This doctor used a sedation drug called Etomidate whereas the other doctor used ketamine for my first cardioversion.  Much better drug. If you need a cardioversion ask about Etomidate!  As for what’s next for me, I am scheduled for ablation 3.0 on 9/12.  This will be a SVT/AVNRT ablation to work the area close to my SA (natural pacemaker) node.  The Doctor says there will be risk of damage to my SA node and may result in the need for a pacemaker.  So, ablation 3.0 has me WORRIED.  

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, August 27,  2019  9:04am EST

    Thank you so much for letting us know how things are going. We know it is hard and are glad to be here in support of you. Best , Katie

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