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mollyr11, August 7,  2019  12:26pm EST

Heart palpitations...Arrythmia?

Hello everyone,

In the past month or so I have been experiencing heart palpitations.  I am a 29 year old female and have an almost 1 year old son.  At first I would just expierince it once a day and only a couple times a week and it felt like a flutter.  They seem to be becoming more frequent as I have them almost every day now and sometimes up to 3 times a day.  They also don’t really feel like a flutter anymore but more like a quick thump, thump, thump and then done.  I’ve had 2 ekgs done and they said everything looked great but of course I wasn’t having any palpitations during the ekgs.  The cardiologist I went to also listened to my heart with his stethoscope very thoroughly and said that everything sounded great.  He offered to give me a tracker (the zio irhythm tracker) just to ease my anxiety and I decided to do it.  I did the tracker for a few days but not as long as I had hoped because I workout often and I sweat so much that it kept making the tracker come off.  I have returned the tracker and am now awaiting my results next week but I am finding myself with so much anxiety because I keep having the palpitations and I don’t know why.  The palpitations last less than 30 seconds and I can usually get them to go away if I move or change positions.  My heart rate does seem to go up when I have them but not extremely high (resting heart rate is normal around 60 and my heart rate might go up to 70 or so during palpitations).  I did have postpartum thyroiditis but I have had my thyroid levels checked recently and everything is back in range.  I know these palpitations aren’t as frequent as some others I’ve read on here but I am having anxiety and scaring myself about having sudden death or a stroke because of course I have read too much on google and seen that sometimes people have no symptoms at all.  Also, I am mostly always sitting down when I have the palpitations.  Only a couple times I have been standing but not doing anything extreme just washing dishes or brushing my teeth.  I have never experienced the palpitations while exercising.  I know that I will have to wait and see what my cardiologist says about the tracking results but if anyone has any insight into what I’ve been experiencing that would be really helpful.

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  • mollyr11
    mollyr11, August 7,  2019  12:42pm EST

    Also, can you feel heart palpitations in your back?  I have been having this twitching feeling in the left side of my back in the spot that I think would be directly behind my heart but I’m not sure if it is palpitations. 

  • MichaelDJ101
    MichaelDJ101, August 31,  2019  2:18am EST

    Hi Molly

    My arrythmia/palpitations started with what seemed like muscle twitches around my left side towards the back. Just wanted you to know you're not alone with that. I'm still just beginning to understand what is going on with me so I don't have much info other than to say I now have palpitations, thudding, panic and anxiety attacks skipping and extra heartbeats shortness of breath dizziness intesinal cramps all with normal (to date) EKGs. Dr's have said my heart is healthy. I'm going to a new cardiologist shortly and hope I'll be able to monitor myself day and night to see if that picks up something. I have tons of muscle twitches/spasms around my heart left chest side and honestly all over. I've been reading that might be low potassium. I was reducing potassium due to low grade kidney disease. I'm going to try some bananas and low sodium V8 as people have suggested online. Anyway this all is very scary and it sucks it's sort of taking over my life, the fear and anxiety preoccupation with what my heart is doing. It does help to read that I am not alone. Keep us posted as to what you find and I'll do the same.
    My best, Peter :-)

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