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JM1234, October 3,  2019  6:07pm EST

Has anyone tried NMN and if so what was the Mg and your results?

My Aunt started to give my uncle NMN. He is/was in heart failure and had open heart surgery 5 years ago. They want to put in a pacemaker but he refuses. His heart would only beat 5 times then skip. Fluttering, speeding up, strong hard beats trying to jump out of his chest, and a cough were constant. Always exhausted. My mother has heart problems and pacemaker along with my father who had open heart surgery.  I have heart issues and have a heart aneurysm. My Uncle began taking 900mg of NMN and 900mgCoQ10 a few months ago and his heart slowly increased the beats without skipping and now it beats up to 100x without skipping, no fluttering, no speeding and cough is gone. Because of the results with my uncle, my family has decided to try taking the same 900mg NMN and 900mg CoQ10. I have read studies and reviewed research. The doctors haven't objected, but they do not know a lot about the NMN, but do recommend CoQ10. Has anyone else tried NMN and if so what mg and what were your results? 

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  • NewPacer73
    NewPacer73, October 3,  2019  7:06pm EST

    I don't have any experience or knowledge with NMN but I am a pacemaker patient who has had amazing results since it was put in on June 1. I'm sorry your uncle is having such difficulties. Each person gets to figure out what they will do. Your family is like mine. Seems like cardiac problems sometimes plagues families. I just wanted to let you know I saw your post and knowing your have a pacer family, it reallys seems it's his call to decide how to proceed. I sure hope it works to bring him relief.

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