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BoomBoomTam, September 3,  2019  6:27pm EST

Frightened Beyond Belief - PCVs + NSVT


I'm new here. I'm 46, female, and I've never had heart problems. I exercise daily (running, paddleboarding, hiking, walking, etc) and eat a heatlhy diet most of the time. My doctors have always raved about how strong my heart is. All that changed a couple weeks ago when I went to the ER with heart palpitations. They picked up PCVs and periods of non-sustained ventircular contraction. They released me that night and told me to contact a caridlogist. 

With no previous history of heart trouble and a mostly healthy family (dad has some hypertension), the doc wasn't too concerned but hooked me up to a Holter Monitor for 48 hours and had me schdule an ECHO Stress Test. I'm still waiting for the stress test appointment (the waiting is stress enough!), but the holter monitor came back with 3% PCVs and this statement...

"There were 8 episodes of wide complex ventricular tachycardia, primarily occurring during sleeping hours (01:45-03:05). The longest episode lasted 4 beats. The fastest episode had a maximum heart rate of 158 bpm."

How dangerous is this??

I ask because my paperwork from the ER says ventricular tachycardia can cause sudden cardiac death.

I'm scared to death (maybe not the best choice of words) that my heart is iterally just going to stop in the middle of the night. I still exercise at mostly my same exertion level (no problems) but I don't trust my body anymore. I can barely sleep. I'm afraid to eat anything "bad" (cheese, eggs, wine). I am in tears half the day (right now in fact) because I'm so scared. 

Everything I read says PCVs are usually benign and my doc doesn't seem concerned, but that does nothing to alleviate any of this perpetual fear especially when there are reports saying VT is life threatening. I'm at my wits end. The lack of sleep is driving me nuts, I've sent a message to my doc's office, but I'm just wondering if anyone else out there has had this and lived to tell the tale.

Also, what's "normal" for PCVs. The literature makes it sound liek just one big thunk every now and then (which I do have), but when these things happen at night, it feels like they're lasting for 1,2,3 hours at a time. I've tried the vagus nerve "tricks" to stop them, but it doesn't do much good.

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