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Lex28, April 21,  2020  6:08pm EST

Frequent PACs

I'm new to this group and hope I can obtain some good ideas to cope better with frequent PACs. I've had two ablations, one for atrial tachycardia and one for PACs. Although I feel better, I have days where these PACs just won't stop. I feel every one and they are very depressing. They really do cause anxiety. Seems that I really get more with exercise. I was a big exerciser in the past but find I just can't do much exercise without having every other beat a PAC. I've tried cutting caffeine, chocolate, working on stress, etc. Beta blockers don't work and other types of medications only cause my heart rate to lower too much and blood pressure to drop. I would appreciate any suggestions or help. Thanks so much. 

6 Replies
  • AlyAHA
    AlyAHA, April 21,  2020  7:17pm EST

    Welcome to the Support Network, Lex! I'm sure other members on this site can relate and may have similar symptoms as you do. I'm sorry you are frustrated as you're trying to rule out things that may be making matters worse. There is some information on this webpage: https://www.heart.org/en/health-topics/arrhythmia/about-arrhythmia/premature-contractions-pacs-and-pvcs Ultimately it is up to you and your doctor to figure out the best tests and treatment options. Best of luck!

  • ELCM1985
    ELCM1985, April 21,  2020  10:13pm EST

    My experience had been very similar. I am so sorry that you've been battling this. What do your PACs feel like? Mine feel like a pause and a gush in my chest. Almost like I was just startled. 

    I've had a lot of relief from aggressive hydration.  Doesn't work if I am having a particularly symptomatic week but I find that it helps decrease my arrhythmia overall if I am looking at the month as a whole. 

  • Lex28
    Lex28, April 22,  2020  9:42pm EST

    Thanks for your response. They feel like a skip, thud, pause...it's very uncomfortable. If there are several in a row, it feels like my heart is flipping around. Gets your attention. I wish I had one day without any. I will tried the aggressive hydration and appreciate the suggestion. Sorry to hear you have to suffer with this darn issue as well. It helps to know one is not alone but I sure wish there was a cure for PACs or any premature beat. Lucky are those that don't feel them! Take care. 

  • sh4166
    sh4166, April 24,  2020  12:12pm EST

    Lex28, I feel your pain.  I am suffering from, I am assuming are pvcs in which I have been diagnosed along with svt many years ago.  One day, exactly a month ago, out of the blue after taking a slow 2 mile stroll, the next day they started up with a vengance.  I had just started a Keto diet as well and thought that might be the culprit, but I went off of it and it has not helped.  Some days I get 1-3 beats per minute that skip and on really bad days I can get up to 8 or so per minute.  When they first began I was getting them back to back (every other beat) up to 11 at a time.  Every time I would talk with some one or get excited it would become unbearable.  I can walk down to the end of my driveway and back and when I sit down tmy heart goes crazy.  I immediately called my cardiologist and he seemed not to be worried.  Covid19 had put all of my doctors at home doing phone and tele appointments, so he could not see me in person.  He had me double my dosage of my beta blocker, but it really made it worse and made me tired and weak.  He finally, after begging him short of me going to the ER, finally sent me a 30 event monitor that came in Wednesday evening. The pvcs/pacs wake me up all hours of the night and it's hard to go back to sleep and it just seems like i sit there and count my skips:-(.  I've read peope get relief from cutting out sugar, eating clean, taking supplements, and even running.  I am no longer that scared of them and I am just hoping and praying that they just go away on their own.  What does your cardiologist say about it?   I hope you find something that works for you and eliminates them for good.

  • Bfortson48
    Bfortson48, May 27,  2020  5:14pm EST

    Man I get these things everyday a few times a day. The past 3 days I have been to the er twice sent home told nothing we can do. The last 3 days I have about lost my mind thousands of them a day missing work anxiety through the roof. They just won't stop this time. On a beta blocker tried magnesium nothing works. Mine do get works when I am doing something like showering waking ect. I am at my wits end. They re controlling my life and I am going to lose my job. Sometimes I get a huge long thud like it's not gong to end. I just can't anymore something has to be done. I hope u get better and pray I do. I am losing it 

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