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sdweller, May 10,  2020  6:07pm EST

Ectopics in waves

I was wondering if anyone experiences this... most of the time my heart beats perfectly...VERYT few ectopics....but then I'll have a day that my heart has TONS of PAC's & PVC' it's in a "mode" of ectopics, and then it just goes back to normal...****!  I know it's not afib, I have a home monitor.... it's PAC's and PVC's.   (I used to have afib, I had an ablation at Cleveland Clinic, and I rarely have afib anymore BTW).

7 Replies
  • TessC
    TessC, May 11,  2020  12:09am EST

    Do you notice them after certain types of meals or big meals? I ask because I have more ectopic beats when I have overeaten or feel bloated. I also get more ectopcis when I am dehydrated. If I was getting these kinds of runs, I would keep a diary of what I was eating, drinking and doing and see if there was some kind of trigger/s. Best to you!

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, May 11,  2020  9:15am EST

    Good morning, I think TessC has great advice on this. I also wonder if you have asked your doctor about this as well? Thanks Katie

  • sdweller
    sdweller, May 11,  2020  1:57pm EST

    Thank you Tess... yes I keep a food diary already actually.  I also am supplementing with Mag and Potassium, which helps.  I've asked my doctor... I have a great one (Pinsky), at Cleveland Clinic, he did my ablation 16 years ago....and I rarely get afib episode anymore.  He has many good practicle suggestions, like for example the supplements, which he believes in big time.  But these forums give practicle advice, which can be something doctors aren't always great at, since they don't actually feel these symptoms, experience it fitst hand, right?

    But these PVC's and PAC's have ramped up over the last year.  Most days, heart is steady as a drum...but every other week or so, I have a day with ectopics BIG TIME...usually last like 10-20 hours, and then just abruptly stop.  I know it's not afib...which makes it all the stranger....just wondered if others experience this?

  • TessC
    TessC, May 11,  2020  4:27pm EST

    Have you been placed on a month-long heart monitor recently? If not, that may be a good option at this time as your doctor can at least see your issue, even if he cannot feel them.

  • sdweller
    sdweller, May 12,  2020  9:42am EST

    Yes, Doctor is on it, thank you!

  • sdweller
    sdweller, May 19,  2020  8:47am EST

    I apprecaite the responses here... but what I was really asking for was if anyone else gets the same pattern of ectopics I am getting?   Most days I have none or VERY few...and then on another day, I'll just start haivng them BIG time pretty constant for hours....and then they go away pretty instantly also.  (FYI I know it's not afib b/c I have a heart monitor)

  • TessC
    TessC, May 19,  2020  1:36pm EST

    Sorry, not had ectopics in waves myself. I hope someone who has can share their story with you. If you have not joined a Facebook page for those with heart issues-you may find suppor there as well. Any and all support is vital in my opinion. Good luck in your search for answers.

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