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RonocEldracm, September 18,  2020  2:14pm EST

Defining a “structurally normal heart” and it’s relation to benign PVCs

I read all the time that PVCs/PACs with a “structurally normal heart” are benign and normal. But what constitutes a structurally normal heart? Are we talking abnormal valves and the like, reduced ejection fraction, enlarged ventricle size? I have been told I have a “mildly enlarged left ventricle” and have palpitations, but the doctor says they are benign. Wouldn’t the larger ventricle size be structurally abnormal or is “mild” nothing to worry about? It always confuses me and leads to anxiety. Does anyone have experience with this definition of “structural normality”?

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  • TessC
    TessC, September 21,  2020  3:00pm EST

    I wish the doctors would tell us how to LIVE with or get rid of the anxiety that their diagnoses create! I had the treadmill stress test and xrays and ECG's, etc, all showed my heart to be structually normal, so they consider the occasional sustained runs of SVT to be benign. Tell that to my brain, mood and body, lol! But with research and the avoidance of my triggers for SVT, I do live better with my SVTs now. I take the doctors' word that they won't kill me and just relax and try to covert or ride them out. I want to enjoy life and I don't want to put my life on hold. Thankfully I do not have kids living at home, nor do I work, so I can recouperate in peace if and when I have an SVT. 

    I hope you will also find relief from your anxiety. In my case time and research helped, as well as suppotive friends and spouse. Good luck!


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