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Jcolon, November 30,  2018  3:39pm EST

Catheter Ablation svt

I had a catheter ablation completed earlier this week due to svt that couldn't be controlled with medication.  I am so shocked with how the ablation was vs what I thought I was walking into.  The procedure was absolutely terrible.  I was strapped to the table and was only provided lidocaine at the incision points.  The pain was absolutely horrific when the insertions and more so for the inducing of the arrhythmias and ablation.  I truly dont understand how this is do e without pain management or sedation.  Has anyone else been blindsided or had this done?

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  • BEbikeme
    BEbikeme, January 4,  2019  2:02am EST

    I had an ablation December 31st and I literally cried in agonizing pain the entire time. They gave me fentanyl and versed. When he accessed my groin the pain was executing. When he threaded the catheters I went into AFIB, they called the anesthesiologist and she gave me propofol.  Once they were done administering propofol they cardioverted me. Then they went back to versed and fentanyl. I was awake and felt everything from the adrenaline to the cauterizing or burning sensation. That was the worst pain of my life. It can’t possbly be ethical. 

    Later that day I returned febrile and the past two days I’ve been having chest pain. Today I went into SVT 168 and now I’m currently tachycardic (109) I’m very stressed and not sure what to do. 

  • marshamd59
    marshamd59, January 4,  2019  10:52am EST

    Oh my goodness! I feel so bad for both of you. That sounds terrible! I had an ablation in February of last year which took 5 hours and I was completely under the entire time. I felt nothing during the prodecure. Afterwards I felt like I had been kicked in the chest by a horse, but I went through nothing like the two of you. I'm so sorry you had such a horrific experience. I definitely don't think it sounds ethical in this day and age to be put in that situation and have to experience that kind of pain. If it were me, I would be looking for a new EP. As far as recovery, it was around the end of April that I was no longer having instances of AFIB, but it took me a good 6 months or more for my heart to finally stop feeling like it was doing flip flops in my chest. Almost a year later I feel much better, but I know I was one of the lucky ones. Many have to have more than one ablation before there AFIB is fixed. I wish you both the best, but if you do have to go through it again I would make sure they completely sedate you.


  • DrDave1956
    DrDave1956, January 21,  2019  1:46pm EST

    Hi Jcolon - I had my second PVC/svt ablation a week ago and it was like the Red Wedding episode of Game of Thrones.  I had a similar ablation 12 years ago after my mitral and tricuspid vavle repair surgery and that one was a pleasure...very little pain, great communcation between the Dr.'s and me.  Unfortunately, this one was 4.5 hours of hell.  My hands were tied and strapped down and my legs were bound as well.  They know how difficult the procedure is and I'm sure they had incidences in the past where people got up, ripping wires and catheters and bolting from the Cath Lab.  The good news is that my PVC's seem to be completely gone and from what I've read, there is a positive correlation between how gruelling this particular procedure is and how successful the outcome is.

    50 years from now when they do ablations by injecting intelligent nanometric particles into our femoral veins, human beings will look back at these times and shake their heads.  I do hope that for the suffering that you went through, you had a good outcome. 

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