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MEB75, July 11,  2019  9:10am EST

Cardiac Spasms - leading to arrhythmia?!

Hi I am not satisfied with my treatment on a whole thus far - I am experiencing symptoms that I just don’t think are covered by what is textbook - and then I discovered aortic spasms that can actually contribute to ishemia, which all sounds more in line with what I’m going through.  Anyone experience or hear of this? 



4 Replies
  • Ralaz
    Ralaz, July 11,  2019  3:14pm EST

    I’m so sorry you are experiencing this. I also have had many ups and downs with my care as I also am not a text book case. My doctors have nicknamed me their “little mystery “  it’s cute but it doesn’t solve the problem. Although now they have come to realize what I’m telling them is accurate.

    Its hard no doubt, but try to stay as positive as you can.

  • NewPacer73
    NewPacer73, July 11,  2019  3:56pm EST

    No, I haven't heard about that. But since you posted it, I'm going to be on the lookout for my search for answers too. When I wasn't sure if my case could be handled by my cardiologist (interventionalist), I moved on the another. The wait to get a first appointment was terrible, but it turned out to be worth it. You have got to have confidence in who is handling your cardiac issues. I agree with @Ralaz that each patient is uniquely different. We need to find the expertise we need. Now instead of an interventionalist, I have a general cardiologist, a pacemaker cardiologist and some side members of a team. My new cardiologist responds the same day I write on the patient portal, so I feel like we are a team. I hate that you are not feeling well. For me, it would be crucial to listen to your gut and find a team that you can trust and are responsive.You deserve it.

  • Ralaz
    Ralaz, July 11,  2019  4:17pm EST

    Hopefully you are seeing an Electrophysiologist-they are experts in dealing with heart rhythms 

  • Devoep
    Devoep, August 4,  2019  4:15am EST

    Trust me, find another doctor, don't waste time. It is not something that I would waste. I was so impatient as I had to wait to see the doctor the first time. I thought to myself, do these people know how I feel. I, in my mind's times eye, was not the same clock that they were running on. But eventually I did see an EP and the rest is that I am here to tell you my story. I am in my sixties but do not think that my A-fib just started. I didn’t drink or smoke, try to take care of my body, vitamins, rest and the normal stress. I was sent straight to the EP and they got right down to the business of the procedure as one mate called it earlier in another post rather than saying surgery. I had told everyone that I had surgery. They did put me to sleep for this procedure. I was scared like it was a surgery, but call it as you may. My heart rate soared to around 200 bpm, l did not track how long it stayed. I just think that went the dizziness and shortness of breath were over, it was over. There is a book out there as well as I do also suggest the seminars Get in Rhythm that is held in Dallas. The book is on Amazon (My Black Heart). A short read, but in the perspective of the patient from diagnosing to surgery to recovery with the actual surgery reports, lab readings, test result, emotional counseling, and testimony. Encouragement with the drama throughout the book for those that need encouragement along the way and insight into the future.  It should help with some future decisions that you will have to make. Also, for anyone else on the forum, for some comparisons of treatments, and to let you know that you are not alone in this journey. I understand the pain, fears, and uncertainty. May you feel better my friends after you read the book. My Black Heart subtitle: My Ablation Surgery

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