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Chris23, January 13,  2021  7:17pm EST

Arrhythmia after Ablation

Hi everyone - I'm glad I was able to find this forum and hopefully get to connect with others who know first hand experiences that we go through. I just had an ablation last Wednesday (1 week ago today) for ectopic atrial rhythm and short runs of atrial tachycardia. The doctor said they ablated 3 areas between the right and left side of the heart. About 6 hours after the procedure my heart went into a rhythm where I was having a PAC every 3 beats for about 4 hours, it suddenly stopped and I felt good after. I was discharged and the week was going great, a few skips here and there but I expected that. Yesterday was my first day back at work (desk job, but stressful). The day went well and right after work I was changing the sheets on my bed when I felt my heart go back into the same rhythm while I was at the hospital (skipped every 3 beats). I've been experiencing this for 24 hours now with only short durations of relief with a normal rhythm. My vitals are all in a good range and I'm taking 25 mg of atenolol. Has anyone experience this and what was the outcome? It has made me very anxious as prior to my ablation I never had this many PACs.

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  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, January 14,  2021  8:48am EST

    Good morning,

    Thank you for sharing your story with the community. I'm sorry that you're going through this and feeling so anxious. I can share some resources with you that you might find useful as you hear from others on this forum: Please keep us updated on how you're doing!


    The AHA Team

  • TessC
    TessC, January 23,  2021  5:40pm EST

    I hope you have been able to find people who have experienced something similar. I have not had an ablation but I have felt premature beats and it is very bothersome. I hope you have questioned your doctor. As for finding other patients-there are other resources as I'm sure you are aware.Soory I can only offer my support. Good luck!

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