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jjaybrazil, July 18,  2020  11:00am EST

Am I the only one on the planet or do others also experience occasional pain in heart for a second, centre of chest with ectopics when stressed?

Hi, notice that when I'm stressed, anxious, I get gas bubbles that form in my esophagus and experience indigestion.

I notice that this irritates my vagus nerve as it is in the esophagus and that controls the heart's rhythm, so I'll get an ectopic (either a skipped or extra beat)

Sometimes I'll get a few PVCs in a row if I'm very anxious or stresses.

I've taken care of my anxiety/stress disorder with exercise, diet, meditation, aroma therapy, music, visualization and just being mindful.

However I do get anxious from time to time and when I am I get more ectopics than when I'm totally relaxed. I noticed though that sometimes I get ectopics with a pain in the middle of my chest. I guess this could be caused by the gas bubbles, irritation the vagus nerve or just from anxiety as it causes your body to tense up, including your heart's muscle around it.

Anyone ever experience pain in centre of chest for a second with the ectopic occassionally? I have no other symptoms. I can workout, not get tired, no swelling in my limbs, no lightheadedness. Just been anxious, stress a lot lately until recently and now I'm getting back to normal.


2 Replies
  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, July 19,  2020  8:30am EST

    Good morning, I am so sorry that this is something you are having to manage. My first question is, what does your doctor say about these experiences? It sounds like you are doing a good job of using relaxation techniques to help you. I am sharing what we have on stress management for review. But I do think a check-in with your doctor is a good idea. Even if the result is that they say you are fine, it could put your mind at ease. Thanks, Katie

  • TessC
    TessC, July 22,  2020  11:53pm EST

    I knew I was not the only one, but it is still a relief to know I am not the only who get srandom pain around my heart. Sometimes it is in the middle like yours, other times on either side of my heart. I just ride it out because like you, they don't seem to cause the other classic symtoms of a heart attack. It's distressing to me. but I try to keep a level head and say to myslef that if it gets worse, I can always call an ambulance. It hasn't so far. Good luck to you!

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