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Horselady, December 26,  2020  6:41pm EST

Afib and colonoscopy. Be careful

Hi.  I am new here after having afib for eight years.   Never had an episode  until a week ago. .I was scheduled for a colonscopy about 10 days ago   I did the horrible horrible prep and was slated for 10: on next day   Went without water from 12 to 12    They were running late  and my bp was high as was my heart rate due to no water   They cancelled me out  afraid I'd have a stroke    And sent me to ER    Had water in between  and bp ,heart rate much better  Bottom line    Er doc said No water causes afib episode   Left er with a dehydration prognosis with instructions to see cardiologist   Who didn't have a great bedside manner and scared me    So   Now I am studying about this episode and joining this group for support  . Some docs don't take the time at all to individualize one s afib I understand  now after reading many books    Just now feel normal

Thank you

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  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, December 27,  2020  11:56am EST

    Welcome and thank you for sharing your story with the community. I am sorry to hear about the experience that you had with your colonoscopy, but I am glad that you are doing better and seeing a cardiologist.

    We have some resources about AFib on our site that might be useful to you.

    AFib Resources For Patients and Professionals

    Keep us updated on your progress. We are wishing you all the best!


    AHA Support Team

  • Raindrop32
    Raindrop32, December 28,  2020  12:56pm EST

    Oh my God yes.

    Laxatives. (Stimulant Laxatives, specifically)

    Last July I took senna once and I felt like I was going to die the whole day. You're completely correct, laxatives mess with your fluid and electrolyte balance, and I also wonder if they also affect the gut/brain nervous system and Vagus nerve which also is connected to the heart. 

    No physician ever warned me about this either, so thank you for the public service announcement. 

  • emd2020
    emd2020, December 30,  2020  1:07pm EST


    I am so sorry to hear of your experience with the colonoscopy...what an unsettling situation. Have you been able to reschedule the colonoscopy? Please keep us updated.

     My experience  was just the opposite.  I went in for a colonoscopy in late October and they discovered a bundle branch block in my heart. I am doing reserch on this heart condition.

    Has anyone experienced a bundle branch block or know where I can get information/cardilogist referrals in the Twin Cities area?

    Any information or insight into this conidtion will be appreciated!


  • CaliGal
    CaliGal, January 16,  2021  4:11am EST
    Hi, Horselady, I'm sorry to hear of your experience! Just a suggestion--contact the cardiologist again by phone or by email and ask the cardiologist to refer you to an electrophysiologist (EP), who is more of an expert in heart issues, rates and rhythms. I had to jump through the hoop myself, of first seeing a cardiologist and stating my case for a referral to an EP, which I got.
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