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Time121, July 11,  2019  2:08pm EST

AFIB after ablation surgery

So, I had an ICD implanted on New years eve 2019, since then I've been socked several times and seem dizzy all the time and almost passed out on several occcasions. I had an ablation done 2 weeks ago and seems tha palpetations have went away. Now ST. Judes monitoring place calls me and says they have detected AFIB for the passed 4 days over 88 times and 15 hours straight on one day. SO I go to cardiologist who had the guy scan my device and see whats going on, AND sure enough I was and am havinf AFIB, so now they want to do a CRYBALLOON ABLATION,  To freeze the bad parts. AND I need to take Eliquis now so I dont have a stroke, ANYONE,,ANYONE GOING THROUGH THIS ?????

5 Replies
  • NewPacer73
    NewPacer73, July 11,  2019  3:44pm EST

    I dealt with Afib for years. It's a real problem. My ablation worked. So, then I found out I had bradycardia (slow heart beat) which resulted in a cardiac arrest in early June. I'm still kicking and know how frustrating it is when problems don't resolve themselves. I believe with every cell in my body that there are emotional side effects of all of these events. I am getting counseling now to work on that. The heart is scary. You can't really tell what's going on. On the good side of the coin, they have so many advances now. My brother, a chronic Afib patient had all of your symptoms and has been zapped too. After a lot of tries to figure out the magic formula of meds, pacemaker, ICDs, etc., he has been very stable and steady for months. I would get some help with the anxiety. I searched the internet and there are reall no good responsive sources for support. That's nuts to me. These are worrying times for cardiac patients. I have never heard of cryballoon ablation and hope that is part of the success package you need. I've always been told that AFib can come back. It hasn't yet for me. And my brother's situation is resolved. Keep the faith. The options are amazing now. Anxiety and Afib, as well as many other cardiac issues, go hand in hand. Let us know how you are doing. I'm really sorry that darn AFib is interfering with the quality of your life. I get what you are saying. Write again on this blog when you can to catch us up.

  • JATillery
    JATillery, July 24,  2019  7:01pm EST

    Hi everyone! Hope all is well with everyone. I'm new in here. So just a little background...I'm a 43 year old Male who in 2018 was diagnosed with vfib and tachycardia I had an icd put in and for months after felt great and felt like myself. In November 2018 I had what the dr called a v storm. Very scary  With a change of meds I've been doing great  However I am not the same person I once was. So needless to say I haven't my illness destroy me. I live in fear every single day. I'm scared to do things as I once did and being young my outlook on life is no longer a positive one. Any encouraging words or thoughts would be deeply appreciated. 

  • NewPacer73
    NewPacer73, July 25,  2019  6:15am EST

    @JATillery   I totally agree with the emotional toll cardiac episodes leave on patients. We seem to have really great medical care, but the emotional toll seems to lack resources. I joined a local Chapter of Mended Hearts and I meet with them next month at their August meeting. Look to see if you have a Mended Hearts near you. Because what I need for myself is a discussion support group, I created one in my town on meetup.com. In a week, two people have joined. My cardiologist is thrilled with the idea. My newly created support group meets for the first time in late August to organize and determine what we want to do. I'm surprised there isn't a network of resources since there are so many of us. This stuff is scary. Keep me posted on how you are doing and I hope these ideas help. We need emotional support while dealing with this and I know if we share how we cope, what our issues are, and support each other, this journey will be easier. Hugs to you and I really do want to know how ou are doing. Keep posting.

  • Ralaz
    Ralaz, July 25,  2019  7:09am EST

    This is awesome! I love that people are pulling together to help each other out! Keep going with this, I myself am going to check this group out too!

    Always remember “You are Braver than you think, Stonger than you seem, and Loved more than you know”.

    Reaching out to everyone is a fantastic thing!

  • Devoep
    Devoep, August 4,  2019  4:05am EST

    Hello, I am in my sixties but do not think that my A-fib just started. I didn’t drink or smoke, try to take care of my body, vitamins, rest and the normal stress. I was sent straight to the EP and they got right down to the business of the procedure as one mate called it earlier in another post rather than saying surgery. I had told everyone that I had surgery. They did put me to sleep for this procedure. I was scared like it was a surgery, but call it as you may. My heart rate soared to around 200 bpm, l did not track how long it stayed. I just think that went the dizziness and shortness of breath were over, it was over. There is a book out there as well as I do also suggest the seminars Get in Rhythm that are held in Dallas. The book is on Amazon (My Black Heart). Short read, but in the perspective of the patient from diagnosing to surgery to recovery with the actual surgery reports, lab readings, test result, emotional counseling, and testimony. Encouragement with the drama throughout the book for those that need encouragement alone the way and insight into the future. It should help with some future decisions that you will have to make. Also, for anyone else on the forum, for some comparisons of treatments, and to let you know that you are not alone in this journey. I understand the pain, fears and uncertainty. May you feel better my friends after you read the book. My Black Heart subtitle: My Ablation Surgery

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