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TinaWarren, March 19,  2021  10:37pm EST

Ablation from afib

I had heart ablation one month ago and are still having sharp chest pain, back pain, no interest in food, I get hot and cold slot. I've read everyone post on here starting back in 2018 and was just wondering if you were still having problem. I'm trying to find out ruffly how long I'm going to feel like ******. Dealing with the same problems the doctor telling me nothing's wrong but it sure doesn't feel like it. I go to bed at night and I feel the sharpest pain that takes my breath away and is very frightening. I'm 33 and hope it goes away soon. Would love to have comments. Thanks.

4 Replies
  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, March 20,  2021  1:28pm EST


    Thank you for joining the support network and for sharing your story. I'm so sorry to hear that you're still feeling this kind of pain. Unfortunately, I haven't been through this experience, but I recommend that you continue raising these concerns with your doctors to see what insights they have especially if it's not going away. Please keep us updated on how you're doing.


    AHA Moderator

  • Chris23
    Chris23, March 23,  2021  12:40pm EST

    Have you seen your doctor since and had your symptoms evaluated? From my own experience and stories of others, it definitely seems that the ablation recovery is not as easy as some read online and that it can take months for the heart to heal and the scar tissue to form. 

  • TinaWarren
    TinaWarren, March 23,  2021  2:44pm EST

    Thanks for your reply I am currently awaiting on my doctor to call me back. I've been to the ER 3 times and urgent care once and they all say it looks good. Only thing I know is it's hard not to be consumed when you get sharp chest pains. I hope it just takes time. Thanks again I would love to hear anyone else thoughs all would be helpful thing to do things not to do.

  • TinaWarren
    TinaWarren, March 30,  2021  6:22pm EST

    It's been 6 weeks since I've had my surgery. I know people are saying it's gonna take time but I have these stabbing pain that come and go that takes my breath away. Is this normal does everyone one else experience these to? I was doing good for a while but then they came back again. The last two days I've felt light flutters then night time they hurt so bad all the insite I can get would be helpful to ease my mind.

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