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Loscalistar, July 26,  2019  12:23am EST

11,000 PVCs per day


My name is Elliott, I am a 31 year old male. 

About a month ago I was laying in bed and all the sudden my heart began to THUD in my chest again and again about every 10 seconds or so. This scared me beyond anything I have experienced, I was sure something terrible was happening.

Since then i have ended up in the Emergamcy room 4 times this month with no insurance. 

I have been seeing a cardiologist and have done ECG, ECHO and 24 hr holter. Which revealed 11,663 total ectopica or 11.27% ectopic heart beats (PVCs) per day. Some of the in pairs (231) bigeminy (176) trigeminy (67) and (399) supra ventricular beats.

They seem to come on strong the moment I sit down or lay down, but the doctor says I have them all day, so maybe I just don’t notice during the day. 

But this is turning my life upside down and throwing me deeper into depression and anxiety every day. 

I am currently taking 5mg of bystolic (beta blocker) per day. Haven’t really noticed much of a change so far and I have been taking it for 1.5 weeks. The only change I have noticed is that my heart rate drops I to the low 50s at night sometimes lower. And maybe left symptoms during the days usually after 11am.

i am desperate, if anybody has these issues please reach out or if you have any advice or words for me I would greatly appreciate it . 

Thanks everyone 

7 Replies
  • NewPacer73
    NewPacer73, July 26,  2019  3:14pm EST

    Elliott, that's some story you are enduring. I take bystolic too and have for a long time. It's a huge help in slowing down the heart rate for me. I think things need to adjust. I was on 5 mg, then 10 mg, and now back to 5mg as they see how the heart responds. Elliott you may have a group you can join to share your issues with real live people locally. Look up the national group called Mended Hearts and see if there is one near where you live. These are people, young and old, who have been through many cardiac experiences. I think there is a serous lack of support groups for cardiac patients. So last week I created one locally and in a week, we have four members. I haven't figured out a marketing strategy yet, so the word is not out totally. But we meet for the first time in late August to organize and figure out what we need to do. There is no charge for that, so you may want to look up Meetup.com, key in your zip code and see if there is some like group near you. Our focus will be totally on emotional support, learning coping skills and ideas from real live current cardiac patients. In your case, there's going to be some time that's needed to figure it all out. ER trips are usually step gap measures to get somebody to look at your situation. I'm so sorry you don't have insurance because that's gotta be so stressful. And we know there is an emotional connection between stress and cardiac problems. Keep posting here. Lots of people respond. There is an arrythmia group here and many discuss pvc issues. I don't know if you posted on that group, since I belong to several. I want to know how you are doing. I hope these ideas help you find the support you need. Cardiology has come really far in medical treatment and tools they have to help. But it is lacking today in the side effects that happen psychologically to patients. Keep posting. We do care.

  • Ralaz
    Ralaz, July 28,  2019  10:18am EST

    NewPacer- I love when you post because you really do meet issues head on. You are a gem when we all at some point meet resistance with our medical care.

  • NewPacer73
    NewPacer73, July 28,  2019  11:12am EST

    @Ralaz, I love your posts too. My newly formed cardiac meetup.com patient support group got 4 members in a week, so obviously it's needed. I haven't figrued out how to market it yet but truth is I don't want it to get too big, so we can set a foundation. This blog has only a few people consistently posting/ To me, it's not enough to support us on a consistent basis. I'm a nose to nose, toes to toes  kind of person, who still believes in live and in person contact. With the technology renaissance, we may have lost some personal contact approaches. I'm getting stronger daily. But I have miserable days too. So, I'm reaching out here as well as in person. I want to post something to everyone who posts as quickly as I can, so the patient knows people care. There's a ton of stuff on YouTube and the Internet about the need to find a way to increase compassion/empathy into the medical field. If it was resinstalled into daily medical care, there might be less burnout with medical providers too. Maybe not in my lifetime, but the conveyor belt approach to medical care, even with its amazing miracle strides in cures, needs to get back to compassion. Every cardiac practice ought to form an in person support group for their patients. We can't really heal as well without some feelings of empathy and support. In the old days, doctors came to the house and treated the family as a unit. While I don't advocate that we return to that, if we could just get some of that compassion, connection and empathy back to the overworked burned out cardiologists, I think it would perform miracles in our success and survival rates. We currently have a serious burnout rate and we are losing doctors especially in the cardiac and geriatric fields, where concentrated focus and attention need is growing. Let's work on changing that the best we can. I'd love to leave that legacy as part of what I tried to change in my lifetime. Fingers crossed I can make a difference.

  • Ralaz
    Ralaz, July 29,  2019  9:01am EST

    Amen, I had one of the most disappointing doctors appt last week with a cardiologist I really respected. All due to the lack of empathy, compassion and respect. 

  • Devoep
    Devoep, August 4,  2019  4:45am EST

    I don't know what a lot of those reading means, but most likely you will finally end up seeing an electrophysiologist (EP). I am in my sixties but do not think that my A-fib just started. I didn’t drink or smoke, try to take care of my body, vitamins, rest and the normal stress. I was sent straight to the EP and they got right down to the business of the procedure as one mate called it earlier in another post rather than saying surgery. I had told everyone that I had surgery. They did put me to sleep for this procedure. I was scared like it was a surgery, but call it as you may. My heart rate soared to around 200 bpm, l did not track how long it stayed. I just think that went the dizziness and shortness of breath were over, it was over. There is a book out there as well as I do also suggest the seminars Get in Rhythm that is held in Dallas. The book is on Amazon (My Black Heart). A short read, but in the perspective of the patient from diagnosing to surgery to recovery with the actual surgery reports, lab readings, test result, emotional counseling, and testimony. Encouragement with the drama throughout the book for those that need encouragement along the way and insight into the future. It should help with some future decisions that you will have to make. Also, for anyone else on the forum, for some comparisons of treatments, and to let you know that you are not alone in this journey. I understand the pain, fears, and uncertainty. May you feel better my friends after you read the book. My Black Heart subtitle: My Ablation Surgery

  • jjrenn
    jjrenn, August 30,  2019  6:59am EST

    I have been told PVCs are not harmful by Cardiologists and their staff. However, other doctors express it isn't good to have a heart rate over 200. I can be doing nothing sitting, lying in bed, and all of sudden it starts. My PVCs can occur every 2 weeks or every month. Sometimes they have lasted over 5 hours. I have tried adding, sodium, potassium, splashing water on my face. Recently I have been told to cough. I have been prescribed Flecainide.  Some of my doctors have said that is a very strong medicine. I have taken it and it does lower my heart rate. 

  • Sam2019
    Sam2019, December 6,  2019  4:52am EST

    Just wondering how Ur getting on with your ectopics ? I'm 39 and recently had a very similar Holter report . Although slightly less ectopics . I was sitting on 1600 in the 24 hours with a few svt runs up to 250bpm. I had a battery of tests that showed pretty much a normal heart . I was put on a beta blocker but all it does is lower my heart rate into the 40s ! 

    It's driving me nuts at the moment . Totally stuffing up with my life ! Did you manage to find a way to reduce them and their symptoms ?

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